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Not too sure the best way to describe myself but if I went by the descriptions others give me,  then I’m a ‘headstrong, nutter with a short attention span’. I am a self confessed ‘Disneyvore” and had originally planned on calling my blog “Beauty by a Disneyvore”

‘headstrong, nutter with a short attention span’

but that idea was shortlived after my dad pointed out to me that Disney could sue me for using their name in my blog name. Though a lot of other people did tell me that they can’t . . . I decided not to risk it. My youtube name is still ‘Beauty By A Disneyvore’ because Youtube wouldn’t let me change it and I’m not about to delete it and have to re-upload the videos because it takes way too long to do so. Anyway let me drone on about what a disneyvore is because it’s a condition quite close to my heart and this is my “about me” page and probably the only place I can drone on about it.


What’s a Disneyvore?


Noone ever takes me seriously when I first tell them I’m a Disneyvore. I don’t know if it is because they don’t think the phenomenon actually exists or maybe they believe it just seems like an elaborate excuse for me to explain my fussy eating habits or maybe it just astounds them just how deep the effects of cartoons can play on a child over imaginative psyche, as I’m not a vegetarian and I kinda would eat anything you give me as long as I didn’t have to buy or cook it.

Disneyvore is a term coined exclusively for me by a former colleague of mine to explain my eating behaviours. A disneyvore is basically someone who point-blank refuses to eat any animal that has appeared in a Disney movie or cartoon. So no munching on . . . .


Crabs —> Sebestian

Colour Fish  —> Flounder/Nemo

Venison —> Bambi

Rabbit —> Thumper


You get the idea right??


So yes,  I do know it is a really weird thing to be and I might just possibly be alone in my plight, but I actually have a very good reason behind this.


When I was a kid (I’m talking about 5/6), I was soooo in love with Disney movies! I just couldn’t get enough of them. My favourite by far had to be the Little Mermaid. I love the songs, the characters and even slightly wished I was a mermaid. I was super obsessed with this movie and probably watched it day after day, for months on end. One day, my gran was babysitting me and it was lunch time, now there I was being all angelic sitting on the dining room table, when she put down a crab in front on me. Now I don’t know how my little mind made this connection but I was horrified.


My grannie wanted me to eat Sebestian . . .that was practically murder!!!!!


How could she murder my favourite Caribbean-singing friend and expect me to eat his boiled and seasoned remains??! It just wasn’t right! Needless to say I didn’t eat it and spent the rest of the evening balling my eyes out and my poor grannie couldn’t figure out what set me off, all she could get of me was ‘That’s Sebestain’ and ‘I can’t eat Sebestian’ and she didn’t know who the hell Sebestian was until my mum came home and told her. Anyway from that day, I have been super anti-crab and it turns out after the years ran on, I was anti a lot of other food.


I know it’s super weird but anytime I think of eating anything like Venison or Crab, I see a little cartoon character on my plate, I literally feel that I am causing a cartoon character IMMENSE pain (yes, I am very empathic) and it makes me feel a bit sick.


  1. You’re missing out on the deliciousness of crab, venison, rabbit and colored fishes.

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