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British Beauty Blogger

BBB’s Blog is a bit like the beauty blogger’s bible and a “how-to blog”manual all rolled into one. I probably check her blog 3 times a day just so I know what’s new and what I will be spending my money on in the next few months. BBB has recently launched a Youtube vlogging channel where she talks about everything from her pro-blogging to trolls to How to get your own back on ‘blaggers’

Song of Style

What to say about Aimee Song??? I want to live in her closet!!!!! How can someone make the basics look so effortless? I wish I looked as good in a plan white tee like she does but alas I can’t wear white for longer than 3 minutes before I see food and foundation stains. Aimee’s mix and match style makes me want to move to the US  so I can steal a bit of her Californian chic

Jayne’s Kitshen

I adore Jayne and her blog. I’ve really gotten to know her this year and I love that her blog is truly an extension of her personality and a reflection of her willingness to try everything once (or more often if she happens to like it). Jayne’s Kitschen is an eclectic collection of the unusual, quirky and kitsch aspects of life



Melissa’s Wardrobe

Love colourful and out-there accessories?? Well check out this Mel’s blog. Beside from having legs for days – share some of those legs –   Mel has a keen eye for working accessories with prints. It doesn’t matter what the trend is (Monochrome, fluorescent yellow, mermaid etc) Mel will find a way to make it work.

Dolce Vanity

Makeup Artist. Cosmo Award winner, and owner of a gazillion animals, I just love this girl!!!!! Dedicating a bit of blog space to cruelty free beauty, Dolce Vanity should your first blog stop if you are looking for a anti-animal cruelty approach to life.Laalaa has started posting a lot more n her youtube channel –  “Stealing Monroe” – and I LOVE her ‘Will you be my Curlfriend?’ video. The intro gave me fan-girl chills

The Sunday Girl

Adrienne, What can I say about you and your blog? She’s my MAC fan girl partner. Anytime juicy details from a MAC collection gets released, Adrienne and I start squealing on twitter about which lipstick or lipglass we want and what would be a good dupe if we don’t manage to get what we want. I don’t now how she has managed to post on every single product that Boots/Superdrug have ever stocked but The Sunday Girl is always my first swatch/review stop when I’m on the hunt for a new product because she has literally reviewed EVERYTHING!!!!


Vintage Doll Risa

VDR is a new blog discovery for me. I discovered her blog through a random blogpost I was reading a few weeks back but I’m already an active stalker. . . . and no it’s not because we have similar hairstyles at the moment. She actually has a very similar fashion sense to me – black clothing is a lifestyle, not a fashion choice-  so everytime I visit her blog I get an eureka moment. Her blog is very clean, crisp and has a minimalism impact that I only wish I could have.

Bangs & A Bun

Written by Muireann (pronounce “Mirren”) Carey-Campbell, Bangs and a bun is an amazing blog on empowering women through exercise. I don’t know how someone can do so much exercise effortlessly but Bangs is just amazing!!! Her blog is inspirational and a bit ecletic as it doesn’t focus on just exercise but rather her life and her attitude towards and thoughts on life.

All That Slap

Like she says on her disclaimer – You can trust her to give you honest reviews, but you can’t trust her not to steal your blush. Grace is an absolute NUTTER but I can guarantee you won’t find anyone nice or more down to earth in the blogosphere. She’s just amazingly out there and her happiness is contagious. I know she says otherwise but I think of Grace of my foundation of skincare and ingredient knowledge. She knows at a glance what the majority of ingredients in any product is and that right there, so if you want to know what a product is doing for your skin rather than just how pretty the packaging is visit Grace’s blog.


Wish Wish Wish

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I only discovered WishWishWish recently – hangs head in shame – but I’m making up for lost time by gorging on a few months worth of posts (still have about 5 years left to go). I just adore her pictures and the way everything is laid out. If you happen to be clueless like me and haven’t visited her blog, I suggest you pop over now. You really wont regret it.

The Londoner

I like food, she posts about food often. It’s a blog match made in heaven. As I’m on a “sort-of” diet due to my half-marathon training I spend a lot of time salvating over her blog pictures and visiting her anti-diet post for healthy snacks and how to work around the emotional-hunger food cravings

Spikes & Heels

Spikes and Heels is a fitness website for “badass women” who want something new. Spikes and Heels focuses on the funside of exercising rather than the mundance process pf carlorie counting and the dreader scales. They also have a 5 episode series presented by  of  Bangs & a Bun and Team GB 100m sprinter Jeanette Kwakye, is shown on TRACE Sports TV (which is Sky channel 442 in the UK)