It takes a lot for me to clamber to Central London during the peak-time rush  . . .actually that’s a lie, if I know there will be food, you can get me to go just about anywhere. Today Bouclème; a revolutionary new haircare brand for curls, invited me to the Billy & Bo salon in Soho for an exclusive breakfast hosted by founder Michele Scott-Lynch and to give me the chance to experience how to use the Bouclème collection to achieve the perfect curl rather than the accidental frizz that I have somehow managed to perfect.

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At the moment, Bouclème’s Curl Redefined range is a 3 step layering system that contains no sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, propylene glycol, PEGs, paragons or artificial fragrances/colours BUT some key ingredients (full list here) this range does contain is argan oil, pomegranate extract, and coconut oil. Michele Scott-Lynch calls coconut oil her ‘Desert island must have’ as it has amazing moisture retaining properties because it is able to go deep into hair follicles and actually moisturises dry hair while Coconut oil adds luster, shine and softness to the hair so she KNEW that she wanted hair products to include this ingredient.

To kick things off, the non-foaming Bouclème Curl Cleanser – £15 via Content – was massaged into the model’s scalp vigorously. This sulphate-free cleanser gently cleanses the hair without stripping it of all its natural oils, in fact Michele actually recommends washing your hair more than once a week to combat frizz and dryness – Oops,now I know where I went wrong – as curly hair needs a lot of moisture and  . . . well water = moisture. While hair is still soaking wet, divide it into sections and finger comb (or use wide tooth comb) your hair to detangle it, then gently stroke your hair with the Bouclème Curl Conditioner – £17 via Bouclème – to smooth the hair cuticle/follicle 

boucleme_breakfast_event_billy_and_bo_fluorescent_pr_uk_curly_hair_collection_range_shampoo boucleme_breakfast_event_billy_and_bo_fluorescent_pr_uk_curly_hair_collection_range_shampoo_2 boucleme_breakfast_event_billy_and_bo_fluorescent_pr_uk_curly_hair_collection_range_conditioner boucleme_breakfast_event_billy_and_bo_fluorescent_pr_uk_curly_hair_collection_range_diffuser_2 boucleme_breakfast_event_billy_and_bo_fluorescent_pr_uk_curly_hair_collection_range_diffuser
The Bouclème Curl Defining Gel – £15 via Curl Emporium  – doesn’t look like a standard gel. It is very thin & smooth (a bit like a creme) but it does try quite hard creating a cast around curls but you just have to scrunch the hair strand to release the cast leaving some bouncy hair. During the demo, the Bouclème hair stylist poured the curl defining gel into her palms and then tipped the model’s head forward. She applied the gel evenly all over the model’s hair (roots and tips) and scrunched her hair up towards her roots.

I normally like to air dry my natural hair and curly extensions but if you have curly hair and prefer to use a diffuser, Bouclème recommend that you dry your hair on a low speed/low heat. When your hair is dry, shake out your curls from the root. Never, EVER finger comb hair when dry as you will just be opening the front door to frizz.

I’ve got a few Bouclème products to trial in the next few weeks – yaaay – but if you have a preference which product you would like me to review first, pop over a comment and I will get to it right away.