I really wanted to talk about the new Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection last week but the heatwave turned my bedroom into a sauna and the thought of adding the strong smell of acetone to the heat made me want to quit on life. You might think I’m over-exaggerating – which I admit, I am prone to – but my bedroom is right next to the boiler and I swear on my nailpolish collection that my room was hotter than the central line (bit of London humour for you there).

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Essie Gel Couture range, Essie decided to release 12 brand, spanking, new shade to the range and coined them the Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection - £7.99 via Boots – I’ve been lucky enough to be sent 5 shades out of the Gala Bolds Collection and from what I can see in front of me, this collection is quite mixed.

You have some vibrant crème shades mixed in with some metallics paired with a few pearlised polishes though the shades I have seem to be on the red and orange spectrum – with the exception of the very random Front Page Worthy Polish - but that might just be the shades that Essie has decided to launch in the UK

Essie Inside Scoop Gel Couture Polish

I'm actually not a fan of the Essie Inside Scoop nailpolish as it is just not as opaque as the other polishes in the Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture range. I applied two coats of the Essie Gel Couture Polish in Inside Scoop - £9.99 via Superdrug - and as you can see from my swatch, this shade leaves ALOT to be desired. 

I will probably give this shade away - which is a shame as its quite pretty - as it doesn't work very well with my nails. I'm not sure if its because of the pigmentation of my nails or because this shade is a dud either way, I wouldn't recommend it.

Essie V.I.Please Gel Couture Polish

I LOVE the Essie VIPlease Nailpolish! If I had to recommend any shade from the Essie Gala Bolds Collection, it would be this dark, magenta  nailpolish. I love dark pinks and berry nailpolishes - as they make me happy inside - and the fact this polish is creamy, pigmented, opaque AND hassle-free . . . its almost like Essie have been stalking me around London trying to build a profile on what type of colours & polishes I like.

I did test the Essie Gel Coutour Polish in V.I.Please - £9.99 via Boots - all week and I found that it lasted abou 4/5 days before it started to ship which isn't that bad as Gel Shellac Nails only last about 2 weeks max - I have very oily nails which grow INSANELY quickly - so I can testify that this nailpolish is actually quite long-wearing and cost-effective 

Essie Sizzling Hot Gel Couture Polish

I normally love Red nailpolishes but there's something about the Essie Sizzling Hot Polish- £9.99 via Boots - that I really just don't like. On paper it ticks all my nailpolish boxes as it's opaque, creamy and heavily pigmented but I really just don't like how orange this polish is.

I might just been picking at loose strings here as there isn't a solid reason why I don't like this red nailpolish  . . . I'm just not a fan  . . . sorry 

Essie Style Stunner Gel Couture Polish

The Essie Style Stunner nailpolish is a summer appropriate orange nailpolish with a warm, red undertone that would be perfect if you're off on holiday. I'm wearing two layers on my nails and as you can see this polish is very creamy and opaque on my nails.

I do this this is a nice shade but if I were to be 100% honest with you - which I always am whether you like it or not - I'm not that impressed with the Essie Gel Couture Polish in Style Stunner - £9.99 via Superdrug - as the shade is just too similar to the Essie Sizzling Hot Polish and when both shades are in the same limited edition collection, it just seems a bit redundant in my opinion

Essie Front Page Worthy Gel Couture Polish

The Essie Gel Couture Nailpolish in Front Page Worthy is a dark, royal blue nailpolish with a pearl overcast inspired by the fashion bombshells who grace magazine covers. I would probably never wear the Essie Front Page Worthy Gel Couture Polish - £9.99 via Boots - on my fingers as this metallic, midnight blue is so far out of my comfort zone, it exists in an alternate plane of reality . . . but its still gorgeous!

I think I still prefer the original Essie nailpolish range - what can I say, I'm stuck in my ways - but I will admit that there are a few shades in the new Essie Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection that are stunning (and some that I probably will never use) but I think this is a very glamorous way for Essie to celebrate their formulation range reaching an all important milestone.

The Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection Nailpolishes cost £7.99 each and is availaible to purchase from Boots and Superdrug.

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