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have many questions surrounding the Giorgio Armani Four Hundred For All (400) Lip Magnet. Question one, can I just call this the Giorgio Armani 400 Lip Magnet for the rest of this post or do I HAVE to call it the Giorgio Armani Four Hundred For All so you know what the heck I’m talking about? Question two, why on God’s earth is the name so darn long??! Question three – and my final one (for now) – why does Giorgio Armani call this product a lip gloss but EVERY retailer call in a liquid lipstick?

Anyway next up in my #100Lipsticks Series is this sumptuous piece from luxury fashion house, Giorgio Armani. I don’t actually own any Giorgio Armani Beauty products – though I’m sure this will soon change now that I work in Central London again – so there’s actually a lot of pressure riding on this little lip product.

The Giorgio Armani Four Hundred For All (400) Lip Magnet – £28 via Feel Unique – is from the new Liquid Lip Colour range from Giorgio Armani Beauty. The Lip Magnet can be seen as an infusion on Giorgio Armani Beauty’s bestselling and most iconic products; the Maestro Fusion foundation and the Lip Maestro velvet lipsticks, to create a lip product that has been formulated to bind your lips with a long lasting, pigmented colour in a matte finish.

On my lips the

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but what really stands out to me is it’s lip applicator.


These applicators were designed for precision! They almost look like a Parker or calligraphy pen despite being being made on sponge – how revolutionary – there’s even a tiny little wheel at the tip of the applicator which gathers product to distribute so you don’t stick the wand in the tube after every swipe.

As you can tell I quite like this lipstick. I’m going to check in John Lewis over the week to see if they have any neutral-brown shades that would work as a dark skin nude as I’m starting to feel like I might need a mid-week treat

The Giorgio Armani Four Hundred For All (400) Lip Magnet costs £28 and is available purchase from Feel Unique & Selfridges.

Giorgio Armani Four Hundred For All (400) Lip Magnet
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