I have to apologise to you. I was meant to get my best Makeup Obsession eyeshadows for dark skin tones post live last week Monday but getting all my words together and swatching all these eyeshadows took forever! I honestly had to lock myself in my room last night to get all my words together.

So you might have heard - if you haven't that' fine - that Boots launched a new brand; Makeup Obsession, early last month which offers a HUGE selection of eyeshadow, blush, highlight and contouring single pods that you can either use alone or put together in a palette to build something that is completely bespoke to you and your tastes . . . . from £2 a pan . . . nope I'm serious you can get a Makeup Obsession eyeshadow from £2.

Boots have collaborated with TAM Beauty for this exclusive beauty launch - who FYI make Makeup Revolution for Superdrug which is why the fonts on the Makeup Revolution logo and the Makeup Obsession logos look the same & I'm going to do another post on the similarities of both brands **sips tea** - BUT I think this is such a great idea as the majority of palettes on the market are not dark skin inclusive and here Boots are giving customers to cut out the faff. 

There are over 50 eyeshadows in the Makeup Obsession range so I thought that I would give a quick breakdown on my favourite shades in the range and what I would put together to make an eyeshadow palette. 

Bone - E016 | Matte | I think Bone is a cool beige, matte eyeshadow that could work very well as a neutral, brow highlight shade. I do have to warn you that you do get a bit of fallout when using this eyeshadow but it's nothing that would break your heart.

Blondie – E140 | Shimmer | I always think you need at least one cool toned beige eyeshadow with a shimmery kick in a “nude” eyeshadow palette and for me, that’s Blondie. I also think that Blondie could be used as a highlighter so I’m killing two birds with one stone here.

London - E115 | Shimmer | I wish I could say that I didn’t choose this eyeshadow because of its name – but I would 80% lying – London is a gorgeous, cool toned shimmer eyeshadow that could be worn all over the lid for a stricking eyeshadow look. This eyeshadow would be a great dupe for the MAC Satin Taupe.

Fancy – B106 | Blush | I know this is supposed to be an eyeshadow palette featuring only Makeup Obsession eyeshadows but I’ve been a bit cheeky here and slipped in a blush as an eyeshadow. I felt that this eyeshadow palette was a missing a coral/orange eyeshadow that could be used as an eyeshadow transition shade and the Makeup Obsession Fancy Blush just ticked those boxes for me.

Copper – E124 | Matte | With a name like Copper, you would think that this eyeshadow would be a shimmer rather than a matte. This eyeshadow is a dull brown eyeshadow with a red undertone that can be used to make a brown smokey eye.

Burnt - E101 | Matte | A bit darker than the Makeup Obsession Fancybut lighter than the MAC Red Brick, Burnt has a very promising tropical sunset vibe that’s stunning.

Cosmo - E111 | Shimmer | Cosmo packs an amazing pigmented punch! I honestly feel this eyeshadow could become a cult Makeup Obsession shades that everyone loves and is ALWAYS out of stock.

Luxe - E137 | Shimmer | Even though Luxe is a gorgeous bronze shade, I wasn’t 100% convinced whether or not I should add it to this palette as its so close to my skintone and barely pops out but then I remembered that not everyone wants to look like a pageant queen every day. Muted colours will always be great for work or even a job interview so in it went!

Chocolate Cream - E127 | Matte | You can’t have too many matte brown eyeshadows in a dark skin “nude” palette so let me introduce the Makeup Obsession Chocolate Cream eyeshadow. Chocolate Cream is a rich brown with a red undertone. I feel that this eyeshadow is a bit more “everyday” than the Makeup Obsession Copper eyeshadow.

Bullet - E147 | Shimmer | I think that Bullet is the more vibrant and show-stopping cousin of Chocolate Cream. This shade can easily be worn on its own or paired with other brown eye shadows.

Rapture- E136 | Shimmer | The Makeup Obsession Rapture eyeshadow is too pretty for words. I don’t know why but I actually did not expect Rapture to swatch as well as it did. Its burgundy tones are hypnotising and very similar to the MAC Twinks Eyeshadow (#dupealert).

NewYork - E130 | Shimmer | This eyeshadow is pigmented to the gods!!!! If you only had £2 in the bottom of your bag and needed an eyeshadow DESPERATELY I would tell you to get this one.

Even though I've only mentioned 12 eyeshadows in this post, there are so many other eyeshadow palette combinations you could do that would look great, so don't take my suggestions as gospel. As each of the Makeup Obsession Eyeshadows only cost £2 each from Boots, I think you should take a trip to your nearest Boots and go absolutely crazy lol.


I really hope you like this post and let me know what you think of my palette in the comments below and if you own any or similar shades to the ones I have here.