Wait a whatsapp newsletter? WTHeck?? Yup, you read that right the first time round. Today I am super excited to say that I am launching my first real mailing list – YAY – and that it is COMPLETELY different to all the other blogger mailing lists out there because:-

  1. I am not going to be promoting my blog posts in it.
  2. It has almost NOTHING to do with my blog’s content.
  3. It’s a Whatsapp exclusive mailing list

With the way the digital world is changing and how people now interact with technology, I wanted to do something a little different to the thousands of newsletters out there – because let’s face it, we rarely ever read them never mind open them – by making putting together a newsletter that is direct, short & sweet but meaningful.

Receive Offers From Your Favourite Brands

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It’s Quick & Easy . . . .



How do I Join the Epiphannie A WhatsApp Mailing List?

Well that’s easy!! Just use the sign up widget!!

Once you have opted in, add the Epiphannie A Whatsapp Group Number to your phone,  send a quick WhatsApp message saying “START” and the fun begins!!

How Many Messages Will I Receive?

I definitely don’t want to spam you so I’ll only send two message a week; on a Wednesday and Sunday, which will contain the best beauty deals, offers and  any “Flash Offers” I can find.

If you happen to see an amazing offer than you think I missed – which is totally possible – and you want it to be shared in the WhatsApp group, then drop me an email at – offers@epiphanniea.co.uk – and I’ll definitely try to add your recommendation.

What Kind Of Offers Will I Receive?

How nice of you to ask! It depends on what I can find but it will mostly involve week long offers that you or flash offers with a short time limit attached (so when you see one pop up then you should probably get it).

A good example of a Flash Spot would be a Kylie Jenner KyShadow palette spot on Lustre Cosmetics (they only had a few in stock) or a 10% off MAC Cosmetics Voucher code.

How Safe Is My Data?

I’ll be using a third party data company for my database management as I want you details to be AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE. I chose a third party company as I wanted you to feel super safe and it was the only way to ensure that your contact information is not viewable within the Epiphannie A Whatsapp group (told you it was secure!).

It also means that if you reply to a message I send you, only the Epiphannie A WhatsApp Team will see your reply and help you with any issues or feedback you might have.

How Do I leave?

If you want to stop receiving alerts, you just send the WhatsApp group a message saying “STOP”. To opt out and delete your number, the message should read “DELETE ALL DATA”.

When Will I Start Receiving Messages?

Soon! You’ll receive an initial confirmation then once I have a nice sized group, you’ll start receiving alerts from me.

Why Am I Not Receiving Any Messages?

Make sure you’ve signed up EXACTLY as I’ve explained above. If you have and still not received anything I’m sorry :(

Drop me an email at – offers@epiphanniea.co.uk – and I’ll work very hard at sorting out the issue.