My mum always told me that the minute you perfect something and stop working with it, it’s value starts to decline”. Even though what you have created is perfect and probably the best thing on the market at the time, something newer; with better technology, better coverage or more convenient, will come out and your “perfect” product will be left unloved in the back of someone’s makeup drawer. Now obviously someone has been having tea with my mum because Bare Minerals have taken their award winning loose powder, tweaked it, and presented it in a very sleek and new pressed powder form.


Invisible, long-wearing coverage that beautifully covers everything yet feels like nothing. With proprietary solid mineral technology and a 108% increase in skin hydration, Bare Minerals Ready Foundations will give you a completely new perspective on foundations

Available in 20 shades, the Bare Minerals Ready Foundation gives skin a soft-macro focus finish with SPF20 protection and still has that “so pure, you can sleep in it” factor that Bare Minerals are famous for . . . not that you should ever sleep in your makeup, never do this.


Application wise, all you have to do is swirl your powder brush in the foundation and gradually build coverage by buffing it into your skin. You do get a fair bit of fall out with this foundation but let’s be honest, it’s nothing compared to how messy a loose foundation can be. I haven’t used a full coverage powder in a long time, so I was quite interested in trying out the Ready Foundation I was given in the Bare Minerals ‘Get Started’ Kit, but I definitely need a darker shade than R510 as it’s bit too cool for me.

bare_minerals_ready_foundation_R510_mineral_makeup_for_dark_skin_bare_escentuals_epiphanniea_name bare_minerals_ready_foundation_R510_mineral_makeup_for_dark_skin_bare_escentuals_epiphanniea_black_girl_dark_skin_arm_swatch

I know it looks like it should be a perfect match on my arm – if you can even see the swatch **squints** – I’m thinking of grabbing either R530/R550 – which are darker shades –to do a video on how to use the Bare Minerals Ready Foundation so bare with me til then  . .  .pun not intended



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