I’ve been collecting MAC Eyeshadows for a while now and though my little heart breaks everytime MAC hike up their prices ow when I smash an eyeshadow pan – actually my heart bleeds when I do this – I am still very much in love with their pigmentation and their range as I was when I picked up my first MAC eyeshadow in Bronze as part of my sweet 16 birthday present from my Mum . . . . wooow that’s a long time ago


When I first started dipping my toes into MAC eyeshadows, I was completely clueless on their range of shadows and finishes and on what colours work better as a transitional colour or a highlight. It just seemed that their range was HUGE and CONFUSING. For years I always went with the colours that were close to my skintone like Amber Lights, Bronze, Antiqued etc but now I know the differences between Veluxe Pearl, Satin and Matte finishes and which vague colours like Texture, Red Brick or even Nocturnelle can be used to create an amazingly natural and everyday makeup look, I want to share my favourite neutral/natural MAC eyeshadows for black/dark skintones


Before I even get started, I just want to point out that I have more than 15 neutral/natural MAC eyeshadows that I swear by but

  1. Managed to smash them in the process of arranging my palette for this review **I’m too clumsy**
  2. Couldn’t fit into the 15 MAC eyeshadow pro pan slots so just decided to leave them out

So without much ado, let’s begin!!!!


Antiqued | Veluxe Pearl | A Coppery brown that everyone should have in their neutral palette, I honestly feel this is one of those cult MAC shades that everyone and their best friend’s puppy because Antiqued is has one of the best eyeshadows you will ever come across from MAC

Twinks |Veluxe Pearl I A gorgeous dark brown with a bronzed shimmer, what could be better? I actually have an old youtube tutorial up if you want to have a better idea of this shade

Folie | Satin | The only dark brown that I have that I can’t really pronounce – I can spell it though – Folie is a reddish brown very similar to Twinks but without the shimmer. It’s very easy to work with and really pops when working with purple eyeshadows

Embark | Matte | This is one of the first matte eyeshadows I ever bought from MAC and it is still a need to have for intensifying EOTD. It’s a rich brown with a red undertone so tends to work very well with the other shades in my palette.

Handwritten | Matte |  Ok so there really isn’t much left to this shade after discovering that this is not only an amazing accent eyeshadow shade but only a fantastic cheek contour shade. I do love multi-functional colour15_best_neutral_natural_nude_mac_eyeshadows_for_dark_skin_epiphanniea_redbrick_orange_rule_expensive_pink_texture_ANNOTATED15_best_neutral_natural_nude_mac_eyeshadows_for_dark_skin_epiphanniea_redbrick_orange_rule_expensive_pink_texture_black_girl_dark_skin_Swatch

Texture | Velvet | The perfect transitional colour. This shade is the effect combination of yellow, orange and brown to act as a mispoint between my brow highlight and crease area. I can’t even begin to image how I would look if I hadn’t discovered this eyeshadow.

Expensive Pink | Veluxe | This eyeshadow is an enigma wrapped in peachy-pink shimmer. By all means this should be in my pinks and purple eyeshadow palette but I find that Expensive Pink is warm enough to hold it’s own within my neutral palette without looking out of place

Rule | Matte | I LOVE the name of this eyeshadow!! Just shows you what a mysogonist I am lol Rule was a bit of a spontaneous buy and if you have Orange or Texture you don’t really need this shade as it just sits slap back in the middle of the two.

Orange | Matte | Orange is an orange . . . how much more can I say? I normally use Orange to build on Texture and add more warmth to my brow to lid transitions

Red Brick | Matte | Darker than Orange but it’s got that perfect sunset red thing going on that really makes a brown smokey eye come alive. It adds a maroon-plum aspect to an average smokey eye that is just remarkable


Black Tied | Matte | I’ve had this for ages and a day!!! I probably don’t really use this all that much as it is lacking in pigmentation and is one of the weakest MAC eyeshadows I’ve ver come across but I feel that a neutral palette isn’t complete without a black eyeshadow so Black Tied has found permanent residency within my palette whether it deserves it or not.

Samoa Silk | Veluxe |  neutral peachy nude brow highlight that I reach for depending on the strength of my underbrow concealer and my eyelid colour. I find that this works well me  if I don’t pair it with any browns or orange toned eyeshadow.

Satin Taupe | Frost | The only frost finish of the bunch but this dark-taupe is one of the standout eyeshadows in MAC’s permanent range. Like Antiqued, it’s a shade that catches your eye when browsing through the MAC eyeshadow range at your local store.

Wedge | Matte | Yes I know another matte. I do have a lot of mattes eyeshadows in my neutral palette but they tend to apply very well as brow-highlight and Wedge is no exception. This is more of a true- beige than my other shades and if you can see in my swatch it’s just cool enough to ambiguously disappear into my skin

Bisque | Matte | A very neutral brow highlight shade and the last eyeshadow I have to show you. Bisque is another beige eyeshadow but with a noticeably cooler tone than Wedge, I tend to pull this out when I’m wearing a full face of makeup for a night out and I need a dramatic effect – dramatic not scary


And there you have it, my A-B-C’s of MAC neutral eyeshadows.


Let me know what you think and if you own any or similar shades to the ones I have here. I post every weekday (unless my procrastination kicks in), keep up to date with my posts by following me on

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  • Posted 30th August 2013 7:27 pm
    by Anna

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this!! This was super helpful!

    • Posted 31st August 2013 7:15 pm
      by Annie

      awwww bless!!! I’m really happy you liked my post x

  • Posted 30th August 2013 9:39 pm
    by Hannah

    I just want to repeat what Anna said- thank you for writing this and putting in so much effort for people like me, who don’t know where to start with MAC eyeshadows and what will complement their skin. Antiqued is definitely going on my list and this is getting marked for future reference!

    • Posted 31st August 2013 7:17 pm
      by Annie

      I’m really pleased you liked my post this much. I’ll try to do even more of these types of posts in the future

  • Posted 31st August 2013 4:42 am
    by Kadie Lee

    Satin Taupe is incredibly stunning on deeper skin tones! UGH!! Love it!

    • Posted 31st August 2013 7:16 pm
      by Annie

      I know!!! There’s nothing else quite like it, is there?

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