Last week, I was sick as a dog and spent most of my time on my back, beauty blog surfing and I came across a blog post that Desi Girl Does Makeup made on the Daniel Sandler’s Waterbrush and how was selling said brush for £5. She made it sound so tempting that my pink shopping monster appeared and I HAD to quickly open a tab to grab one before it sold out.
While I was on the website, my shopping monster whispered 

‘You really can’t get the brush without getting at least one blush. That doesn’t make sense!’
And so following its advice, I shelled out on the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes in Dare and Spicey, and the Waterbrush, as well as next day delivery (In mine and my shopping monster’s defence I was sick and I needed instant cheering up)
When I first got my package, I actually felt to beat up my shopping monster over this impulse buy as I honestly felt I could use up these blushes in 5 days flat as they were miniscule! I kept shaking the package, praying that by some miracle one more bottle would pop out of nowehere(a bit like Mary Poppins carpet bag) but alas no.
The liquid blush comes in a 15ml plastic bottle with a tip to squeeze the blush out. In hindsight, I really shouldn’t have been so worried, as I discovered I only need a little bit of this product (and trust me when I say little as this bugger is slippery as heck) to get my desired result.
A small amount of Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour blush creates an instant flush that seems to beam from your cheeks. On my cheeks the blush formula doesn’t come up chalky or dull, but seems to leave a glowing effect. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to buy this but I contribute my hesitancy to try this product on the lack of reviews I saw of this blush on dark skin.
Despite this, I am deliriously happy with my impulse buy Spicy is my favourite blush out of the two and I have been wearing it almost everyday since I bought it. When combines with my Illamasqua Skin Base, I look so dewy faced and natural . . . PERFECT!!!!
Me in Spicey . .Looking very spicy looool *how corny*
I Dare you not to love this looool
What do you think??