Despite being stocked in Cult Beauty and Liberty, Davines Haircare and the Davines Love Gift Set for smoothing frizzy and unruly hair is a haircare range that I have never actually tried before but that is not surprising as my hair has a very low maintenance routine. If I find a haircare product that does not cause inflammation or an allergic reaction then I will use it religiously until it gets discontinued!!

Lately I have not been very “kind” to my hair as I forgot to take any hair products with me on my recent trip to Nigeria – dumb I know! – so when I came back to London my hair looked like it had been fried with oil.

The condition of my hair is so bad that I actually have to go to the salon to get a trim and a steam as my hair has been falling out in little tangled knots everything I touch it. My regular hair products are just not working as they are not hydrating enough so when I came home on Saturday to the Davines Love Gift Set, my package really couldn’t have come at a better time as I am ready to try ANYTHING!

Just in time Christmas, Davines have put together a special kit for frizzy and unruly hair wrapped inside a sweet wash bag made from Carbon Neutral Packaging that can be given to any natural hair ladies (or gents) in your life. My gift set from Davines contained the Davines Love Shampoo, the Davines Love conditioner and the Davines Relaxing Moisturising Fluid and since I always wash my hair on a Sunday, I thought I should review this as quickly as possible.

First up is the Davines Love Shampoo. This gentle shampoo has been formulated with olive extract as well as fatty acids, vitamin E, and polyphenols to help tame frizzed-out and tangle-prone hair. I wouldn’t say this is the most natural or ‘chemical friendly’ shampoo I have ever used – because it is not – but it did loosen up my tangles a little by smoothing out the stands a little.

Next up is what I can only describe as the standout product from the Davines Love Gift Set. I know I tend to exaggerate a little yet despite being the ODDEST lavender colour I have ever come across, the Davines Love conditioner is AMAZING!!!!!!!

The Deep Conditioner in the Davines Love Gift Set is definitely a must have product it actually hydrated and de-frizzed my dehydrated, heat damaged hair. I kept this in a bit longer than the 5-10 mins recommended on the packaging – as my hair really needed help – but this is one of those rare moments in haircare when a product actually surpassed my expectations.

I’m not really sure what the Davines Relaxing Moisturising Fluid is meant to do as I don’t think it is moisturising to be a hair lotion. It might be a hair primer that sits under your regular hair cream and oils to control your hair and keep your strands frizz free but honestly I’m not sure how much it contributes to the other two products in the Davines Love Gift Set.

What I can say is the Relaxing Moisturising Fluid is actually quite light and very easy to apply to the hair as it has quite a bit of slip. The fact that it comes in an easy-squeezy bottle is actually a bonus for me as I am extremely clumsy and I always end up knocking my hair product jars when I am doing my hair (slippery fingers and all that).

Personally I think the Davines Love Conditioner is the only Davines product out of the Davines Love Gift Set that I will be repurchasing – sorry guys but the Love Conditioner is just too amazing – do let me know in the comments below if you have ever used any products in the Davines Haircare range.