You only have to spend 5 seconds on my Nailpolish Swatch gallery to understand why I’m obsessed with the Essie Treat Love Color Nailpolishes that I’ve been super lucky to be sent ESPECIALLY as I’ve been sent colours that I would actually wear on a day to day basis. I honestly do not like to wear bright, tropical colours on my nails – and you’ll probably never see me wear a bright blue shade  unless I’m on holiday or have hit my head – so to be sent gorgeous neutral shades makes me want to kiss the Essie Team

 . . . but I won’t because that would be weird and an invasion of personal space

Moving swiftly on! This range is a little different to the normal to the norm as it has been designed to nurture your nails

The Essie Treat Love and Color Nailpolish Collection –  £8.99 via Superdrug - are a 3 shade range of nailpolishes forumaled with Essie's 1st advanced one-step care as well as collagen & camellia extract with the aim of brightening the apprearance of your nails immediately while offering long term benefits to dry, brittle nails. I haven't got a science lab in my back pocket but apparently - and please take this with a pinch of salt - but Essie tested out the formulation for this range and clains that so you can experience stronger nails in just 1 week with 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage. 


Essie See The Light Treat Color & Love Nailpolish


Essie Good As Nude Treat Color & Love Nailpolish


Essie Tonal Taupe Treat Color & Love Nailpolish

As these shades act more like an base coat, I can't really talk about their pigementation or why one shade is better than the other - so I'm not going to even try - I think this range is perfect for anyone who suffers from weak nails - either genetics or self-inflected - especially as they won't break the bank.

The Essie Treat Love and Color Nailpolishes cost £8.99 and are available to purchase at Superdrug

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