I haven’t used a gel pencil or gel eyeliner in the longest time so I really didn’t know what to expect when I was given L’Oreal Paris Gelmatic Ultra Eyeliner to review. I mean I can only really compare it with liquid eyeliners or kohl eyeliners and this behaves a little differently to both.


Automatic crayon with precision tip for easy application Micro gel pigments formula for intense colour pay off

New from L’Oreal Paris and available in 3 shades (black, purple and grey), The Gelmatic Superliner is a gel liner with micro gel pigment that has been fitted into an automatic pen form to give you the payoff and longevity of a gel liner with the ease of a pencil – providing you know how to use an eye pencil in the first place anyway – On paper, I think this is a amazingly convenient idea as you skip having to look around for your eyeliner brush in the morning – mine’s always under my chair – and you don’t find add a brush to your weekly deep-brush-clean routine. In  reality, I like and but don’t love this.


What I can’t stand about twist up pencils is that the minute you use it, the precision is gone. You can’t sharpen it and unless you are quite handy with a pen-knife, you can never get that precision tip back so the only way you can really use Gelmatic is for a soft-smudge-proof undereye smokey look. The pencil is quite creamy so it applies smoothly but I find that it’s black pigmentation tends to lighten a little once you start blending.


At the end of the day, it’s smudgeproof and lasts for over 12 hours. If you are looking for an eyeliner to create an effortless undereye smokey look in the mornings, you might need to pop on down to your nearest highstreet store