I’m sure you already know this but I do quite like the colour pink so this Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss is playing with my heart strings as it’s the “perfect” shade of pink – yes there is such a thing as the perfect shade of pink – for me. I actually wanted to talk about this lip lacquer last week but my wifi went down – worst 5 days EVER – and all my reviews took a back seat because there is actually a limit to how much work you can do in a coffee shop  . . . but I’m back now and so get to indulge in my MUFE world.

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The Makeup Forever Fuchsia Pink Artist Plexi Gloss – £16 via Debenhams – is a summery, hyperactive, pink lip gloss that has been formulated to give lips a vinyl-shine finish with excessive color and amazing lasting power. Using an innovative formula; that features double-treated pigments, and an interestingly shaped SuperFlex applicator, the MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss aims to give your lips a lips high-gloss, high-impact coverage . . . .  but if I’m being completely honest I think MUFE has overplayed this lipgloss’s pigmentation as I find it to be semi-opaque rather than the strong opaque shade that the stock images and the packing would lead you to believe.

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss gives lips as a vinyl-shine finish

Aside from that, MUFE Fuchsia Pink Artist Plexi Gloss is definitely long wearing and lasts a lot longer than the majority of lip glosses that I own at the moment. It does feel a little heavier/tackier than I would like BUT it is not sticky in any way, shape or form and is actually very comfortable to wear.

I don’t think I’ve formed a strong opinion about the Artist Plexi Gloss applicator just yet as I don’t really feel that the split-tipped applicator has made it easier or harder for me to apply gloss to my lips or if it pulls more product than a standard doe-foot applicator -definitely on the fence right now – but I do think that this gloss is definitely gorgeous and I would like to try a few more shades in this range


At the moment, pink lipstick clashes with my hair like you would NOT believe – Barbie pink lips and jade green hair just doesn’t go – so I won’t use this shade much until I change my hair colour but I cannot wait til the 19th May 2015 as that is when the entire Makeup Forever range launches in Debenhams.

AThe Makeup Forever Artist Flexi Gloss comes in 35 range, which colours do you want to see in Debenhams on the 19th May? Let me know in the comments below


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