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Seems like just yesterday I reviewed my first  Paint Can from Nails Inc, now here I am talking about the Nails Inc Good As Gold Paint Can designed by Lottie Tomlinson. I’m not “down with the kids” so I’m not ashamed that I did have to do a quick google search to find out who Lottie was as I just didn’t have a clue (turns out she is Louis from One Direction’s sister).


Now I’m not here to debate whether or not she counts as a makeup artist – but if you want we can take this convo to Twitter and pick it up there – though I have to give her a nice little pat on the back for this little aerosol, nailpolish gem.


The Nails Inc Good As Gold Paint Can – £10 via Nails Inc – is a molten, yellow gold spray-on nailpolish that I feel has been designed for anyone with shaky hands or the inability to paint with lines . . . . or within their nail cuticles (like me). This revolutionary formula allows the user to apply an even coat of nailpolish efficiently and effectively to each nail.


To use the Good As Gold Paint Can, you simply apply your favourite base coat – I always use the Nails Inc Base Coat with Kensington Caviar – wait for your base coat to dry (TOTALLY important if not the whole aerosol nailpolish process goes down the drain – then spray short, sharp bursts of the Nails Inc Good As Gold Paint Can spray directly onto your nail.


Once you’re happy with your coat, slap on a top coat – I used the Nails Inc 45 second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar (as I hate waiting) – then either wash away the excess paint with warm water or use a cleansing wipe. I tend to go around the nail with a cotton bud soaked in nailpolish to clean things up a little further but that’s just an extra step on my part.


Personally I’m not a fan of the Nails Inc Lottie Good As Gold Paint Can as I feel that the metallic finish doesn’t work well in an aerosol. My nails looks very blotchy and I’m not happy with the way this polish sits on my nails – as you can see in the swatch above – I did redo my nails twice and this was the best I could get it to look.


I’m definitely still a fan of the NailsInc nailpolish cans as they not time consuming, are very easy to use – as long as you let the base coat dry PROPERLY – and are perfect for a speedy manicure BUT I would advise you to go opt for an opaque colour rather than a metallic.

The Nails Inc Good As Gold Paint Can cost £10 and is available to purchase from Nails Inc, Selfridges or Debenhams.



Nails Inc Good As Gold Paint Can
The Good
Very Easy To Use
The Bad
Splotchy Finish
Very Weak Weartime
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