I’ve been playing around with the L’Oreal Professionel Steam Pod 2.0 Hair Straightener recently and OMG these straighteners are blowing my mind!


I’m not sure if this is a new thing for you – because it definitely is for me! – since when did steam straighteners become a thing?!


I know I have been a bit lazy with my hair lately but after dying it blue-green and attempting to dye it purple – which FYI did not turn out the way I wanted it to – I just haven’t been up to playing around with my hair as much I normally do (which my family and friends have been delighted about) but when Look Fantastic – love those guys – got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try the next best thing to an at home Keratin Treatment and I was like ‘heck yeah’!


I’ve come across a few ‘smart’ straighteners in my day but gosh these straighteners are SMART!

The Steampod 2.0 from L’Oreal Professionnel utilises the power of steam, pro-keratin technology and anodized floating plates for flexibility to help your hair keep the natural moisture levels that you usually lose when you straighten your hair.


If you happen to have curly hair or hair that prone to frizzing then you know how important keeping your locks hydrated is so having a pair of straighteners that uses to continuous steam pressure to open up your hair cuticles and glides through thick hair easily is a god send.


How To Use The L’Oreal Professionel Steam Pod 2.0 Hair Straighteners


To kick thing off blow dry my hair straight, then work my favourite heat defence spray and the L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Normal Cream into my locks.

Once my hair is protected, I’m going to twisted it up into a large ponytail my hair so it is out of my face. Then I added some bottled water into my Steam pod

The Steam Pod has adjustable settings that can reach temperatures of 170-210°C. I am using my Steampod on a 200°C setting as my hair extensions are quite new & in an amazing condition

I sectioned out a small piece of hair with my comb, then placed the Steampod at the root of my hair and slowly work my way down – Can you tell I’m trying not to freak out from the steam?

I slowly worked my way around the hair working from the back to the front and as you can see the Steampod has ironed out the majority of kinks from my hair.

To finish this look, I pumped some of the L’Oreal Professional Steampod Serum into the palm of my hands, rubbed both hands together and worked the serum through my hair.


I am not sure if this is normal or if I am really showing you how bad I am at straightening hair but I discovered that you need to develop a little wrist technique to get the best results for the L’Oreal Professionel Steam Pod as you have to always straighten your hair in a downwards motion

I loved and loather the integrated comb plates in these straighteners as it adds just the right amount of more tension to the hair but oh lordie it hurts like heck when these combs get stuck in a hidden knot.

I think I could have probably got straighter results if I had the time to straighten my hair in smaller chunks but I am quite happy with the results as I love volume (even when my hair is meant to be straight.

The L’Oreal Professionel Steam Pod 2.0 Hair Straightener costs £170 but it is on offer at Look Fantastic for a lovely £144.