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I’ve been sitting on my review for the TooFaced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner because I didn’t have the Too Faced Black Out Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner & I didn’t want to do a review on the entire collection when I was missing the ever important black shade!!!

I just looked at my drafts folder today and realised that I’ve been sitting on this review for almost 6 months now . . . and I think that’s a bit too long to sit on a review. I’ve checked Debenhams & TKMaxx – because you never know – and no luck, no one seems to have it in stock so I thought I should just get on with it and press publish.

As it is hayfever season and my eyes are quite sore and itchy, I’ve not been wearing kohl or cream eyeliners as much as I usually do, opting for waterproof liquid eyeliners – less chance of looking like a raccoon – and as I’m not the only person in the world who suffers from hayfever, I thought it would be a great idea to talk about a product that’s very season appropriate.

The Too Faced Black Out Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner  – £19 via Debenhams – has been designed to create precise, high impact lines or blended to create a quick smoldering, smokey eye that locks down within seconds for a “24 hour ‘Bulletproof’ wear”. All 8 shades in this range lock down within seconds for waterproof wear that won’t crease, smudge or budge.

So these are the shades that I have:

  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner in Purple Rain
  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner in Get Lucky
  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner in White Lie
  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner in Mink
  • Too Faced Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner in Silver Lining

Though each of these eyeliners have the same formulation, the fact that the colours are all over the colour spectrum really highlight the pros and cons with the formula e.g  Purple Rain looks very streaky and blotchy.

While Too Faced suggests that you can use their Bulletproof eyeliner to create a precise line . . . that’s not possible. The TooFaced Bulletproof Eyeliner is shaped more like a chubby eyeshadow stick than a traditional eyeliner so it’s not really possible to get into the little corners of your eyes or do a great cat-eye flick. This eyeliner was created for high impact colour NOT precision so I’m not sure why Too Faced decided to down that route but I don’t write their product copy.

If you are looking for a longlasting eyeliner that can be used as an eyeshadow base or for a pop of colour while you’re “on the go” then the TooFaced Bulletproof Eyeliner range is a great option but you do have to work quickly as the formula sets VERY quickly.

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