Want to know how to get ColourPop Cosmetics in the UK without having to pay custom duty? Well gather round ladies because I am in a sharing mood.

I don’t know what your stance is on custom duty but I hate paying it! In fact the reason I point blank refuse to feature a lot of US products is because there is no way in “Tinky-Winky” hell that I am going to pay a charge just to receive products I have already paid for. The first time I got hit with a custom duty bill, I was in shock. How on earth did those someone get off on charging me almost half the cost of my package (and posting) for my property??! Like how on earth does that even make sense?!

Rant Over (kinda)

A few weeks ago, I found out about that Lustre Cosmetics; a brand spanking new website that actually stocks ColourPop Cosmetics in the UK at REASONABLE prices and with STANDARD Royal Mail shipping prices. I took this as a sign that the makeup gods were listening to my pleas and proceeded to stalk the Lustre Cosmetics website for a good week prior to their launch and then refreshed their checkout page about a thousand times just so I could get my hands on the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks.

So I made my order on Tuesday morning and everything came by Friday; which isn’t too shabby. As you guys know I have a bit of a lipstick obessesion so I actually ordered every single ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks – £7.99 via Lustre Cosmetics – shade that they had in stock but all in all I walked away with:-

  • ColourPop Trap Ultra Matte Lipstick – Dusty Grey-Beige
  • ColourPop Guess Ultra Matte Lipstick – Blackened Violet
  • ColourPop Chilly Chilli Ultra Matte Lipstick – Muted Plum-Brown
  • ColourPop Highball Ultra Matte Lipstick – Hot Red-Pink
  • ColourPop Beeper Ultra Matte Lipstick – Mid-tone Taupe
  • ColourPop Lychee Ultra Matte Lipstick – Bright Warm Violet
  • ColourPop Zipper Ultra Matte Lipstick – Deep Blackened Purple
  • ColourPop Be-Dazzled Ultra Matte Lipstick – Deep, True Purple
  • ColourPop Kapow Ultra Matte Lipstick – Muted Grey Taupe
  • Colourpop Avalon Highlighter


I will be doing a “little” swatch post in the next few days but I just wanted to show you my haul. Unfortunately I will not be adding any swatches to #FindYourSwatch Gallery til at least the middle of February but don’t worry, it will get there . . . eventually.


Now I can’t believe I’m adding this little footnote but some of friends; who were right next to me refreshing the Lustre website like crazy (and right next to me as I write this post), pointed out that this post was a bit too in ‘favour’ of Lustre Cosmetics as ordering from Lustre Cosmetics on their launch day was a HEADACHE – but I was trying to be nice as there was no way for them to predict that their server would crash from the amount of people trying to access their sire – so I’m just going to finish this post by declaring that Lustre Cosmetics did not pay me, compensate, discount me etc etc etc


I bought all these products with my own funds – hell I could show you the receipt – and while I will be the first to say that the fact their site kept crashing was annoying as hell and I spent 2/3 hours on Monday night and Tuesday morning, this post is 100% me.


As Lustre Cosmetics have unfortunately increased their prices from £7.99 to £9.99 – which I know a lot of you are quite upset about – I’ve asked Lustre Cosmetics from a discount code for you guys.

If you type in epiphannie at checkout, you will now get 10% off your order


So there you have it! Will you be getting your ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks from Lustre Cosmetics for £9.99  or for £8.99 with the code “epiphannie”? Let me know in the comments below?