Can I just start off this 3ina Cosmetics lipstick post by saying that 3ina is playing games with my mind?! I know that the 3ina in 3ina Cosmetics is pronounced as “Mina”, but subconsciously I cannot stop calling this brand “three-ina” cosmetics!!! Honestly I totally understand where they were going with the play on letters/numbers but my brain just doesn’t want to function the way their marketing department would want it to


Ok now that that mini rant is out of the way - and my concious has been cleared - today I want to introduce you to the newest beauty brand with a Covent Garden store – literally right next Charlotte Tilbury and in front of MAC – 3ina!!

3ina Cosmetics is a brand new brand from Spain with big plans to launch globally – hence the first standalone store in a premium location – As I love anything new and am always looking for a reason to shop, last week I popped into the 3ina store and walked out with a few things that I felt that you might want to know about especially as I have not seen many reviews on their products just yet.

3ina Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 402 

I don’t know if I have overdosed on matte liquid lipsticks these last few months but the 3ina Matte Lipstick doesn’t actually feel that “matte” on my lips. This 3ina lipstick has a satin,velvet like formulation that sits very comfortably on the lips and is very rich in pigmentation. As the 3ina Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 402  - £7.95 via 3ina - is quite a vivacious, bright pink I am not too sure how the neutral shades in this range might wear but from what I’ve seen from this lipstick it “should” be quite pigmented

3ina Cosmetics Intense Lipstick in 309 

For an intense lipstick the 3ina Cosmetics Intense Lipstick in 309 - £7.95 via 3ina - isn’t very intense. 3ina says that the lipsticks in their Intense Lipstick range are “highly pigmented” and “deliver a rich, intense colour payoff with a matte finish” but in reality the pigmentation is a bit weak and the formulation is not a true “matte” as it still has quite a bit of sheen though considerable less than the shades in the 3ina Matte Lipstick range.

3ina Cosmetics Shiny Lipstick in 207 

The 3ina Cosmetics Shiny Lipstick formulation is 3ina’s version of a lustre or sheer lipstick so expect a soft, creamy lipstick with a sheer colour. Even though I’m not normally a fan of sheer lipsticks, I actually quite like the formulation of this 3ina lipstick as it gives my lips a gorgeous glossy effect that looks pretty darn good – if I do say so myself - I would definitely wear the 3ina Shiny Lipstick in 207 -£7.95 via 3ina - over my favourite lipliner for an understated look

3ina Cosmetics Longwear Lipstick in 503 

I want to be objective here and say something nice about the 3ina Longwear Lipstick in 503 as I did originally quite like the size and shape of its applicator but honestly all I can say is do yourself a favour and do NOT purchase this. This is not a liquid lipstick . . . it is not even a good lipgloss. . .  it is just a mess and I regretted buying this liquid lipstick the minute I put it on my lips. The 3ina Longwear Lipstick’s formulation is light, runny and doesn’t dry so slips like crazy and does not provide the creamy, intense colour that 3ina promises.

I do think there are some gems within the 3ina Cosmetics Lipstick range although I do have to admit that I don’t consider any of these lipsticks a ‘must have’ as there isn’t anything about these lipsticks that really sets them apart from their close competitors like Kiko,or Sleek. I would suggest trying out 3ina Cosmetics Matte lipstick range as I do really like the shape of this lipstick and it's formulation is quite nice.


Unfortunately the 3ina does not have an ecommerce website at the moment so you can’t just make a cheeky lipstick order right now but the 3ina Cosmetics store is now opened and I would recommend going if you are London based (or know someone in London who can do your beauty shopping for you)

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