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Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette


This product was inspired by African Festivities filled with enomourous joy and spiritual activities. The Bold Colors Represent costumes used in festivals. The nude and browns represent the African soil and environments. The perfect balance of bolds and neutrals

Epiphannie Says

Each eyeshadow in this palette are RIDICOLOUSLY pigmented. As the Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette was designed to work well with women of colour, every single eyeshadow is packed to the brim with colour. I did a quick look with the neutral shades in this palette and the eyeshadows blended beautiful and are a dream to work with.

I really like shade selection in this palette as it really allows the user to get creative and encourages them to mix & match the different colour families however I do think Burkina and Zulu are VERY similar. Having both these browns in the palette doesn’t add anything. It would have been great if Juvia’s Place has replaced one of these shades with a black eyeshadow or something but this isn’t really a deal breaker.



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Juvia's Place


Limited Edition, Permanent






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