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Makeup Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 206 Pop Pink

Shocking shine, excessive colour, and stay-on power, the Makeup Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss in 206 Pop Pink is a dual-powered, long lasting, lip lacquer that provides an unbelievable combination of super-shock shine and vivid colour. With its innovation formula that includes Prizmalite TM; gives lips a vinyl-shine finish with 360 reflective beads; and Plexi-colour Technology; which features double-treated pigments*, your lips will feel drenched in colour.

Epiphannie Says

The Makeup Forever 206 Artist Plexi-Gloss is a, hot-pink lipgloss with an intense shine. Although this lipgloss has a semi-opaque formulation, it is still a lipgloss and NOT a liquid lipstick so don’t expect it to stay in one place and go matte because it just will not do that.

I find that this Artist Plexi-Gloss lasts a lot longer than a lot of the other glosses I have in my collection as I got about 4-5 hours of wear out of it but I do feel that this lipgloss feels a little heavy on the lips and is quite sticky.

Product Information

Category: Lipgloss
Finish: Cream
Colour: Pink
Size: 7ml

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