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Too Faced Melted Metal Metallic Lipstick in Violet


Introducing the next innovation in lip colour! The Too Faced Melted Metal Metallic Lipstick in Violet is a liquefied, metallic lipstick in a tube. Inspired by the 90’s foiled statement lip yet reinvented to include the lustrous look of liquified metal, the Too Faced Melted Metal Metallic Lipsticks create a new form of wearable multi-faceted colour that has never seen before.

Epiphannie Says

I was definitely intrigued to find what the Too Faced Metallic Violet Melted Metal Lipstick would look like as I own the matte version of this colour.

Like for like the colours are practically the same except I get about 3 hours of wear out of this lipstick (without a balm) before it disappears completely. If you didn't like how opaqucity of the Melted Violet lipstick  then the Too Faced Metallic Violet is a good option as the colour is softer, sweeter and a little bit more wearable

Product Information

Category: Lipstick
Type: Liquid
Finish: Metallic
Colour: Purple
Size: 12ml


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