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Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection

I really wanted to talk about the new Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection last week but the heatwave turned my bedroom into a sauna and the thought of adding the strong smell of acetone to the heat made me want to quit on life. You might think I’m over-exaggerating – which I admit, I am prone to – but my bedroom is right next to the boiler and I swear on my nailpolish collection that my room was hotter than the central line (bit of London humour for you there).

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Essie Gel Couture range, Essie decided to release 12 brand, spanking, new shade to the range and coined them the Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection – £7.99 via Boots – I’ve been lucky enough to be sent 5 shades out of the Gala Bolds Collection and from what I can see in front of me, this collection is quite mixed.

You have some vibrant crème shades mixed in with some metallics paired with a few pearlised polishes though the shades I have seem to be on the red and orange spectrum – with the exception of the very random Front Page Worthy Polish – but that might just be the shades that Essie has decided to launch in the UK

Essie Front Page Worthy Gel Couture Polish

Essie V.I.Please Gel Couture Polish

Essie Sizzling Hot Gel Couture Polish

Essie Inside Scoop Gel Couture Polish

Essie Style Stunner Gel Couture Polish

I think I still prefer the original Essie nailpolish range – what can I say, I’m stuck in my ways – but I will admit that there are a few shades in the new Essie Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection that are stunning (and some that I probably will never use) but I think this is a very glamorous way for Essie to celebrate their formulation range reaching an all important milestone.

The Essie Gala Bolds Gel Couture Collection Nailpolishes cost £7.99 each and is availaible to purchase from Boots and Superdrugs.

What do you think?

Written by Epiphannie

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