ColourPop LAX Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

When I made my first ColourPop Order, I knew I had to grab LAX as I heard that the ColourPop LAX Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick was considered a ‘must have’ shade and I am about my neutral and dark brown shades are “do-your-makeup-on-a-moving-bus” friendly

The ColourPop LAX UM Liquid Lipstick is described as a ‘vampy blackened red’ but I think it is just a dark brown with strong red undertones as I don’t feel it is quite a burgundy  . . . at least when I wear it anyway. The ColourPop UM Liquid Lipstick packaging is quite simple and similar to other liquid lipsticks so nothing remarkable to report on that front. Honestly I think that the ColourPop LAX Liquid Lipstick is not as easy to apply as some of the other colours I have in the range as it did not apply as evenly as I would have liked and I had to work in a very precise manner so that my lips did not look blotchy but it did dry very quickly – under 30 seconds – regardless of whether I wore a lip balm or not.

As for wear, the ColourPop LAX Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick is definitely long-wearing as long as you don’t eat anything that contains greasy or oil which is completely fine with me as long as I can drink as much tea and water as I want. If I were to eat something greasy, I discovered that I would have to remove my entire lip with some micellar water on a wet wipe and then reapply my lippie again unless my touch-up clumped on to of my lips and just looked absolutely horrible.

The ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick usually cost $6 – which is about £4,25 give or take – so are extremely purse friendly if you happen to live in the states as ColourPop ONLY ship to the US and don’t ship internationally OR have an official UK stockist (crap move ColourPop) so it’s pretty difficult to get in the UK.

I bought my ColourPop LAX lipstick from Lustre Cosmetics – who are restocking their range after being wiped out in two days – for £7.99 which is not a horrible mark-up if you consider how much it comes to ship items from the US and custom-duty so if you want to get any ColourPop items I suggest checking them out as they restock late next week.

Written by Epiphannie

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