28 days, 28 lipsticks/glosses and 28 kisses later, I am finally done with Nykki’s Lipstick Challenge and what’s more I finally pushed myself into reviewing 28 products that I’ve been ‘meaning’ to review but never really got round to it.

Matte Red Kisses

Forbidden Kisses

Salacious Kisses

London Kisses

Amped Up Kisses

Rosegold Kisses

2nd Generation Kisses

Secret Kisses

Bodyshop Kisses

Quite Loud Kisses

Betty Kisses

Veronica Kisses

Just One More Kiss

Black Hearted Kisses

Chameleon Kisses

One Pound Kisses

Morning Kisses

Frosted Coral Kisses

Shaded Kisses

Bewiching Kisses

Mystical Kisses

Sensational Kisses

Ruby Kisses

Sam’s Blowing Us Kisses

Supermarket Kisses

Dark Magic Kisses

Northern Light Kisses

Superhuman Kisses

Thanks so much for all the feedback over the last 28 days.

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