What do you get your mother for Mother’s Day when she has already gotten Christmas, Birthday and Valentine presents in the space of 3 months???
I actually don’t think there is anything else to get her that she doesn’t already have but don’t think telling her that will get me excused from giving her a Mother’s Day  present; she will frog-march me to Argos the day after (True-story!!!)

As I’ve already gotten her perfume, bags and clothes, I thought that the next best thing to get her; which will round off the gift-buying until Christmas 2013, is some jewellery.

I know some people are a bit scared about buying expensive jewellery online (Honestly I can’t blame you) but let me just point out that all orders from the Lloyd’s Family Jewellery website are handcrafted and UK hallmarked WITH an authenticity certificate so you know that what you are purchasing consists of genuine gold and gemstones, and you won’t be disappointed when your piece arrives.

The first thing I thought about getting here was an Amethyst Birthstone Ring.

While I don’t really believe in birthstones, my mum is lucky as her birthstone is Amethyst which is a gorgeous burgundy shade that my mum always wears so she would love this Diamond & Amethyst Ring. But knowing my mum she would probably lose it when it goes flying off her finger during an over-gesturized conversation, and quite frankly I think it’s my Dad’s job to buy her rings . . . can’t have him thinking he’s in competition with me (because I would lose . . .badly)

Another option would probably be these Illusion Set of Drop Earrings which would probably win me a lot of home-cooked meals for the next few months as she loves her earrings but I wonder if I can convinced my dad to pitch in (AKA buy it but put my name on it) so I can get her a new watch. She hasn’t quite forgiven me for running over her last one with my car.

Now obviously you can get Rings, Bracelets, Earrings,Studs and Luxury Watches on the Lloyd’s Family Jewellery website to suit any occasion but don’t forget to search their special offers sections. You might just find the perfect wedding ring, thank you present or birthday present there.