Is there an unwritten fashion rule somewhere that states that you can only wear the double denim trend as either a denim shirt and denim trouser or a denim blouse and denim skirt combination? As I was scouring through my Instagram looking for inspiration – as you do – it seems like a lot of people seemed to be wearing denim in exactly the way.

Now a large part of this might be because the denim pieces available in shops are very 70s trend restricted at the moment and the majority of bloggers only wear what is actually in the shops right now – because as a blogger stalker there is nothing I hate worse than falling in love with an item a blogger has worn only to be told that they bought it last year *shakes fist* – so do not think that I’m slagging anyone off.

I’ve been avoiding denim lately as my Afrodite Mermaid Extensions seems to just blend into anything with a blue or green tone but since I’m going to be getting you guys to vote for a new colour very soon, I thought that I should plop some denim on, grab a pair of blue and white contrast heels and get blogging.

Photography by Form42.com


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Topshop Denim Shirt
Missguided Sweatshirt Tie Waist Midi Skirt
ASOS Light Denim Shirt
Missguided Mesh Contrast Heeled Sandals

Originally this outfit was going to centre around my grey sweatshirt tie waist skirt from Missguided as it as a statement piece steal at just £10 but I realised that the way the sleeves on this skirt fell on my body gave me an unneeded pouch around my stomach and I couldn’t get rid of it no matter how creative I go with the skirt.

Then I remembered seeing a picture of Olivia Palermo and Shini from Park & Cube rocking a double shirt combination that looked effortlessly chic so I thought this double shirt trick might be the answer to my problems

epiphanniea_london_fashion_blogger_black_girl_green_blue_dyed_mermaid_hair epiphanniea_london_fashion_blogger_black_girl_dyed_hair_topshop_denim_shirt_missguided_mesh_heels_zara_denim_blouse_missguided_tie_waist_skirt_with_sleeves epiphanniea_london_fashion_blogger_black_girl_dyed_hair_topshop_denim_shirt_missguided_mesh_heels_zara_denim_blouse_missguided_tie_waist_skirt_with_sleeves_potrait epiphanniea_london_fashion_blogger_black_girl_dyed_hair_topshop_denim_shirt_missguided_mesh_heels_zara_denim_blouse_missguided_tie_waist_skirt_with_sleeves epiphanniea_london_fashion_blogger_black_girl_dyed_hair_topshop_denim_shirt_missguided_mesh_heels_zara_denim_blouse_missguided_tie_waist_skirt_with_sleeves_potrait

So I dumpster-dived into my closest and pulled out another denim shirt (albeit with shorter sleeves) and tied it across my waist and ‘Voila” this double denim shirt outfit was born!!



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