I haven’t played Bingo since I was in Secondary School and I’ve never played Musical Bingo before, so when Costa Bingo invited me down to Shoreditch to try and guess what song the DJ is playing (and hopefully win a prize) with some of my fav bloggers, I was definitely game.

As Costa Bingo were nice enough to let us know which bloggers where coming along, it was really easy for me to  bump into Lollie & Sheree on the way in – careful timing on my part – which worked out  great as those two are absolutely nutters and thankfully knew all the songs that I had on my sheet as I only knew ONE!!!! Our host; Ditzy Ritzy, arrived One Direction embellished shopping trolley cleverly masquerading as a swan and with her arrival, the night begun!!

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This had to be one of the best events I’ve gone to and I have to give a huge round of applause to Costa Bingo of organising an amazing event filled with cheesy pops songs, Prosecco and pizza. I didn’t stay to the end – which sucks – but have a read of some of the other blogger’s recaps of the night just in case I missed something big

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