Find your foundation shade

Black Up Cosmetics recently sent me some samples of their Full Coverage Cream Foundation, and I wanted to sit down in front of a camera and show you how I would would go about finding my perfect foundation shade in a sea of foundation samples.

Blackup paris full coverage foundation samples kit

It is debatable how you find your colour shade. Some people swatch the cheek while other swatch the neck, neither way is wrong and is completely dependent on the makeup user, the only thing that matters is that your neck and face has to blend seamlessly. Personally I prefer to swatch on my cheek because that is what I am more comfortable doing (and I find the notion of swatching my neck at a makeup counter a bit odd)

Choosing 3 shades that I think have the highest possibility of matching my skintone, I try to find natural light; as dark lighting or coloured lighting might alter the true colour of the foundation, and if that involves me cracking open a window or walking out of Selfridges with a mirror in tow I WILL DO IT!!!! When I think I’ve found my perfect shade, I then apply it all over my neck and chest to see if it blends in seamlessly or if it looks a bit too pale or copper toned.
how to find your perfect foundation shade

In this case, out of the 3 shades, Black Up’s Full Coverage Foundation in No.11 (aka the middle swatch) is the best match for me and I think I’m going to go pick this up on my next stop to Oxford Circus. If you want to have a go at finding your perfect foundation shade without leaving the comfort of your chair, Black Up Cosmetics actually offer a foundation samples package which includes a sample of every foundation colour in their range.

How do you go about find your best foundation shade?