My aim for 2013 was not too loose weight but to be able to run for a bus and not feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest (hands up anyone who knows what I am talking about). As one of my new year resolutions was to keep healthy, go to the gym and generally live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve become a bit more obsessed with what I put into my system and wanted to dedicate a small section of my blog to it.

I’m not the biggest fan of vitamins. If it doesn’t taste like blackberries or come in a soft and chewy mold, then my first response is to balk but when Baobella sent me the Ultimate Beauty Complex Vitamin pills from Viridian, I knew that it was officially time to grow up from the kiddie vitamins to something a bit more helpful.
Viridian Nutrition is a leading ethical vitamin brand that produces nutritional products that are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world as well as creating local jobs. They guarantee non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no added sugars, no colourings or artificial flavourings.

The reason I wanted to talk to you about Viridian for my first fitness post is because I am gearing up for ‘Race for Life’ and I am a big sucker for brands that give back to the community in some way. Viridian Nutrition donates 40% to children’s charities, 40% to environmental charities, and 20% to a combination of other charities. Viridian Nutrition are careful to check that all charities are properly registered and must importantly have no involvement in animal research. They also have a policy that when you return an empty bottle of Viridian vitamins to your local health food store you receive a 25p refund ANDthe health store will then recycle your bottle.

The Ultimate Beauty Complex vitamins are a Vegan and Kosher combination of plant based phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair, nails and skin (perfect for lil ol’ me).

Having gone through the ingredients to make sure it contains nothing that will set off my allergies (being allergic to fruit extracts isn’t easy), I laughed out loud when I spotted Pine bark extract.


*cue images of me snacking of a big pile of wood*
As I have only just started taking this , I cannot comment on the effects of these pills but I will be taking a picture of my face once every 5 days for the next 30 days to see if taking these pills has any effect on me but this is step 1 in the race for a better life style for 2013.