Nails and nail art have boomed in the past 3 years. In the last month there were over 1.8 million Google searches for nail art so it’s no surprise that L’Oreal Paris are introducing a new website dedicated to nail art. showcases new nail trends, and offers inspiration for nail art designs based on your skill level; non-existant (that’s me), easy, medium or difficult but of course L’oreal Paris being L’Oreal Paris –  are not just content with being at forefront of the nailcare market – are launching the L’Oreal Paris Nails a Porter Range by Colour Riche. Ladies and Gents, say hello to 5 day adhesive nails


Designed to mimic a professional gel manicure but in a quarter of the time, I’m going to be doing a quickie gif-torial on how to apply these nails . . . that is IF I can remember what I was shown at the Nail Art Expert Event last week.


I hope you like this quickie gif-turial and for the nosy parker’s out there the nails I’ve used in this tutorial are the L’Oreal Nails a Porter by Color Riche in Neo Couture, which have a £7.99 RRP. I can’t wait til September when these babies launch.