I am not a germaphobe *I am actually a prouD user of the 5 second rule* but when it comes to makeup and my eyes, I don’t play around.

Photo Source – http://nmcgroups.blogspot.com/2009/10/conjunctivitis.html

Conjunctivitis is not a joke people!!!! It looks absolutely horrible and very, very creepy!! (and I don’t mean Halloween creepy, I mean wake up the day after Halloween and you are stuck like that creepy!)

To sanitise your eyeshadows is not difficult and wont take you more than a few minutes, plus you can get all the tools needed to do this from your nearest Boots store or pharmacy.

Things you will need:-
Rubbing/ Surgical Alcohol
Cotton Swipes
Eyeshadows (duh!!)
Spritz Bottles

Method 1

  1. Pour some alcohol onto a cotton pad
  2. Place the cotton pad on the eyeshadow and hold it there for a few seconds
  3. Swiped the cotton pad in a downwards motion
  4. Eyeshadow sanitised!!

*You should repeat the above steps for each eyeshadow, making sure to replace the cotton pad as you go along – otherwise you are just moving bacteria from one eyeshadow to another, which defeats the point of doing this in the first place!*

Method 2

  1. Pour some alcohol into the spritz bottle
  2. Place your eyeshadow onto a flat surface
  3. Hold the spritz bottle about 15cm away from the eyeshadow and press down on the spritz bottle nozzle a few times
  4. Leave the alcohol to dry (it only takes a few seconds
  5. Eyeshadow sanitised!!

See it’s not difficult to do and will same your eyes a lot of drama. I normally do the 1st method every month or so, or when I receive second-hand makeup, and I use the 2nd method every few days or so.