Sorry for the post but let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 when I hear the word “ice”, that chorus goes through my head *complete with beats and in rhythm head choreography* but as you can guess from the colourful photo below, I’m not talking Vanilla Ice but Bell & Son’s IceWatch collection.

Bell & Son Watches are an authorised luxury watch online store with the dedication of selling luxury branded watches at the best possible price and the guarantee to hold almost all their stock so that you can get them as soon as possible without having to put your email in a waiting list. They stock the majority of luxury brands like Sekonda, Juicy Couture, Guess, DKNY etc. but I really wanted to focus on their Ice watch collection as that’s what really caught my eye when I landed on the Bell & Sons’ Watches Homepage . . . that and the fact that they sell the Ice Watches at a little bit less than their RRP.

The Ice Watches each have a distinctive theme running throughout its ranges. The classic range (which I personally think is the best known) is the largest range that Ice watches provide, which is split into four sections: Clear, Solid, Fluorescent and Pastel.


These are probably a color-coordinated blogger’s dream.

A watch color coordinated to your every outfit but if you are like me whose wardrobe consists almost solely of black and greys (the lazy chick’s classic fashion-combo) the Ice watches add a pop of colour to break up the monotony.

They offer free delivery on UK orders and I believe that that if you purchase a watch before 4pm you can actually receive them the next day. . . I wonder if I order it today whether it would get here before my flight tomorrow  . . .Should I chance it?