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Does The MAC x Patricia Bright Lipstick Make Me Go ‘WAOW’?

When I first saw the MAC x Patricia Bright lipstick on Patricia’s Youtube Channel last week, I knew that this lipstick would end up in my collection – even if I’m seriously trying to declutter.

As MAC do not tend to release a lot of collections with products that are dark skin friendly – off head I think the last BGF collection they did was the MAC x Taraji P Henson collab in October 2017 – and I’ve been watching Patricia’s videos since she was called ‘BritPopPrincess’, so you already know that this was a lipstick that I HAD to get.

The MAC x Patricia Bright Lipstick – £17.50 via MAC Cosmetics –  is a chocolate brown lipstick with warm undertone and a comfortable matte finish. When I applied this lipstick to my lips, I noticed that this limited edition lipstick deposited the colour quite evenly on my lips with a minimal amount of drag. I felt that I was able to get a rich, opaque layer quite comfortably and that the warm, red-brown tones of this lipstick really complimented my skintone without looking too ‘mannequin-esque’.

I’m a MAC lipstick lover to the core so I’m not surprised that the  MAC x Patricia Bright Matte Lipstick lasted almost 6 hours on my lips – as that is the standard MAC lipstick wear time for me although I did find that it faded quite a bit at the centre on my lips around the 4/5 hour mark.

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So does the does the MAC x Patricia Bright Lipstick make me go ‘WAOW’?

No. It doesn’t

While I am ridiculously happy for Patricia & recognise the hard work she has put in to reach her current level and would TOTALLY recommend you purchase this lipstick – Go show your support! – I personally don’t think that this lipstick shade is innovating or “one-of-a-kind”. I actually think this shade can be easily duped from other brands (in cream or liquid forms) and from the MAC Brand itself – MAC Dubbonet looks suspiciously like a muted version of this lipstick.

That being said, I do appreciate what MAC and Patricia Bright have done on this occassion and I would LOVE to see more collaborations like this in the future.

The MAC x Patricia Bright costs £17.50 and is available to purchase on the MAC Cosmetics Website & LookFantastic.

What do you think?

Written by Epiphannie


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