The sky is dark before 5pm, the fireworks have already been let off by the neighbours and the Christmas TV adverts have been released. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are officially in the run up to Christmas 2013.


Normally this would mean going into the loft and nearly breaking my neck trying to bring down last year’s decoration but this year I might be going back to Nigeria, so last year’s John Lewis’ fairy lights – that are currently strung across my bed’s headboard – are safe for another year because between you and me, it would have been a struggle to unlace them and I doubt I would have put them back from pure laziness.

As my Christmas Fairy lights look gorgeously surreal in my photo above (they look better in person), I thought that I should share a little ‘Ways To Recycle Christmas Decorations’ Post now to give you a few ideas on what to do with your decorations come January . . . . plus I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in my room lately so a ‘Homely’ kind of post had to be done.


1)Keep your Christmas Gift Packaging!

While I’m normally the first person to chuck my Christmas Cards in the recycling heap, since blogging I tend to keep a hold of all the shiny christmas packaging to use again as blog props. Trust me, when you plop a lipstick on top of it and use a soft focus lens, NOBODY can tell it’s old Christmas wrapping paper.

2) Use old Christmas Baubles to decorate slim Christmas packages. 

They would look great and original especially if you string the bauble on a velvet ribbon.

3) Just donate them to a Charity Shop

If you really can’t think of what to do with your Christmas decorations and don’t plan to ever use them again, just donate them ot charity and save the environment

4) Sell it!!!

Ok this has less to do with Christmas decorations and more to do with crap presents. If you get stuck with a ghastly present that you hate and are never expected to use, just sell it and get yourself something new with the money. Everyone’s a winner!!!