2013 has started off on an awkward note for me as I’ve been ill on and off from the start of the year *Spent new years eve in bed . . Yaaay me*and I’ve had a MUCH needed split from my on-off boyfriend. *Some things are better left in 2012*. 

To celebrate a new year and some change in my life, I decided to sit down, shut down all scheduled blog activity and spruce up my blog template.

I’m really proud to say that an e-course from pudgypixel.com; a screencast e-course for Html/CSS users aka Bloggers (which is just amazing and cheap as chip at £16!!!!) plus a lot of Bruno Mars has resulted in this new blog template you see here.

Isn’t He AMAZING??!!!

I have edited the blogger Simple Template and thrown a whole bunch of html and css to get my baby to this point and can I just say that I am a happy chappy. To celebrate my new template I thought I should do a little post detailing how my new template works

I’m still working on a new logo design  and thinking up more tabs to add to my menu page and sidebar but all-in-all I’m super happy with the way things look. Now if a link isn’t working properly please let me know so I can correct it.