What’s the difference between a PR agency and a Social Media Reporter? Well not much when Surgery PR is involved it seems.

Obviously not content with Fashion and Lifestyle, the PR agency has decided that they want to play reporter with the launch of the Apple&Android available app ‘Surgery Reporter’. The new app has been designed to give ‘aspiring bloggers, writers and photographers the opportunity to share, inspire, be inspired’ and be noticed.
Ok . . . so why am I telling you this???
Because I know that getting noticed and finding your online niche is difficult.

Everyone needs as much of a boost as they can get so a free app that offers users the opportunity to be entered into competitions for tickets to fashion shows, event & VIP experience both in the UK and abroad PLUS 0 the chance to be selected as their ‘Reporter Of The Week’, appearing on the Surgery newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter AND credited on the Surgery App live site.

The App is really easy to use and Posts can be quickly shared through 3 options on the


Spot it – Upload and submit pictures.
Blog it – Write and submit content, opinions and comments.
Speak it – Record reportings on events, shows and interviews

I actually think that this app is actually a really great idea from Surgery and of course you know I wasted no time scouring their live page to find the best pictures to show you.
So just remember