I’m sorry but has anyone been listening to the winter weather predictions?? Coldest winter in 70 years?!!! How am I going to survive the next few months? I’m practically cold blooded as it is. I’m the kind of girl who gets a cold in the middle of summer so I can only imagine just how ill I’m going to be very soon . . . Is winter hibernation a practical possibility for humans?


I guess I have to start updating my wardrobe for winter then.


To get started out goes the peg trousers (unless you plan to wear 4 pair of tights underneath) and in comes the slinky women’s jeans that are so tight that they imitate skin and keep the cold winter out!!!! Plus skinny jeans are an essential winter layering item and can be paired with ANYTHING. Perfect for some very badass denim looks with leather or wool jackets, faux fur gilets or printed sweatshirts.


I honestly don’t know what I did to my clothes from last year but they seem to have significantly reduced in quantity over the year . . . can you believe I only have 3 sweaters from 2012?! But I think once I go shopping for some jeans and boots then the rest of my outfits will fall in place.

Any ideas what jeans style I should go for first? Boyfriend, Skinny or Ripped?