The best thing about my new “personal blogging schedule” is that I’m not only pushing myself to post more frequently but I’m also scrolling through my archives for forgotten pictures and blogposts – and boy, there were A LOT!!! Today’s post was originally a guest post for darling Grace of All That Slap but due to internet circumstances while she was on holiday, it never got posted sooooo I’m posting it now!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Strip False Lashes can be worn to enhance your eyes depending on your mood. You can get styles that are look very natural, have a colour twist or are plain ol’ crazy. Before I was introduced to my Tony Stark Mascara aka Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara, I lived and breathed false strip eyelashes and honestly can you blame me? With a variety of styles to choose from, it’s so easy to switch up your eyes depending on the occasion so isn’t this a great thing to do a mini gif-torial on?


What you will need

  • Lashes – Eylure Naturalites Lashes in 117
  • Lash Glue – DUO Striplash Adhesive in Clear
  • Tweezers – Optional
  • Mascara –  L’oreal Telescopic Mascara
  • A Pair of Scissors

Just a quick note, I am using the Eylure Pre-Glued lashes, which already come pre-glued, and using lash glue on them is not required but I bought these lashes for their appearance  . . . and I use lash glue just because I don’t like to take chances.

tutorial_lash_perfections_allthatslap_epiphanniea_how_to_wear_false_eyelashes_1tutorial_lash_perfections_allthatslap_epiphanniea_how_to_wear_false_eyelashes_2 tutorial_lash_perfections_allthatslap_epiphanniea_how_to_wear_false_eyelashes

Applying false lashes is relatively easy. I know it can be a bit tricky at first but practice makes perfect. If you find that you have left a bit of a gap between your lashline and the false lashes, apply black eyeliner over the your lash line and the false lash band to hide the gap.