If you’ve ever watched any of my haul videos you might think that I have a bit of a shopping habit, as it seems like I am buying everything I lay my eyes on but honestly I not much of a shopper.

If it wasn’t for Asos Premier I probably would never buy anything because I hate going shopping as nothing ever fits (my body shape is not standard so I have to buy clothes a size too big and wear a belt)and I just hate going through the whole process by myself . . . which is probably why I spend all my money on cosmetics rather than clothes.

So to ‘force’ myself out of clothes I bought in 2011, I’ve decided to do a 100 day ‘No Buy’ Makeup Challenge starting from today.

From today til the 11th of April, I’m not allowed to buy makeup. I’m also NOT going to buy any shoes (As I just bought 7 pairs in December), accessories (baring the scarf and gloves bought today because I left mine on the train on Monday and it is FREZZING today), coats, jackets or makeup.

I will obvious be buying present for my family and will be buying clothes (which I really hate doing!!!!!!) because I don’t have any trousers fit.

I am slightly crapping myself over this because I am a major makeup hoarder so to make this challenge more realistic to me, I am ONLY allowed to repurchase essential makeup products that I finish like foundation and products that are Limited Edition.

I feel that if I keep to these rules stated above I won’t waver but if I do (which is likely to happen) I know I will be getting lots of encouragement from the other beauty bloggers involved in this challenge especially as there will be a twitter chat ( #Spendingban)every Thursday at 8pm to motivate everyone to stop spending.

Also if you know a company that has clothes for skinny girls with curves or stock trousers at a reasonable price for 34’/36” leg length LET ME KNOW!!!!

So wish me luck my loves x x x