Salutations!!! Apologies for this post going up so late but I had a few blog layout changes that I wanted to make before this post went live – as editing it after it’s already published, is a panic I don’t need – I love doing new things and playing with my blog layout to heighten your blog experience and I actually think I’ve finally found a way to cut out some of my rambling and add a few more pictures *yaaaaay*

I’ve decided to cut out alot of random links from my blog (as I found the OOTD posts to look a bit “link heavy”) and add a picture banner widget with the all the prices of the items featured in the post. Also my first picture on ever post will be embedded with really cool clickable links so you just click my head, arm, thigh etc. to be directed straight to the boutique’s website.

[show_ms_widget id=”33277″]

Since I’ve had my thinking cap on ( yes my Lazy Oaf Bobble Cap substitutes for a thinking cap) all day & night, I’m going to spend the day sipping on some lemsip and working on a few youtube videos but let me know what you think of all my changes

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