Just went I get back into the swing of things, it’s Friday again and I get to spend 2 days relaxing in front of the laptop munching on popcorn – bliss!!! – Newlook recently got in contact with me to ask me about my recent LFW experience (as my experience this season was SOOOO different from last season) so I thought that I should share some of my answers with you since today is all about being casual and rocking my Newlook Lemon Slice Clutch like a pro.

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When did you start your blog?

I started by blog in May 2011 in my final year of university. I was slap-bang in the middle of my final exams and needed a creative outlet.

How do you convey your creativity into your blog?

I try and convey creativity into my blog by incorporating new apps or graphic styles. On my blog at the moment, I have a swatch gallery with videos and tutorials with little gifs but I’m still on the look out for different ways to inject more creative into my blog.

Who are your blogging inspirations?

I think my blogging inspirations/muses are Aimee from Song of Style and Camille from Camille Over The Rainbow. Their blogging and fashion style is just so elegant so I’m really hoping that I can replicate that style one day.

Rumour has it that some fashion weeks are cutting down on the amount of bloggers invited to shows, how do you feel about this?

London Fashion Week is a trade show and understandably some people in the industry feel that having some bloggers invited to a show can be counter productive but obviously I disagree (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a blogger). The use of bloggers and social media has encouraged designers to make their shows more social, compared to a few years ago, we find more shows are streamed online. Designers now get almost instantaneous feedback about their collections, no empty seats at their shows and shows have a stronger online presence than they have ever had.

Have you been to LFW before?

I have been to London Fashion Week before but I was focused more on beauty and backstage so I didn’t really experience it in the same capacity as I did this season

Have you ever been to any of the big Fashion Weeks (i.e. Paris, Milan and New York) and how do they compare to LFW?

Unfortunately not but I am hoping to go to New York Fashion Week in Feb 2015, I hear the New York Style is a lot more laidback and vibrant than London’s.

Were there any disappointments at this year’s LFW?

My only disappointment was the weather. We had some pretty torrential rain at one point and the wind made it look like I was crying in sooo many pictures

What was your last fashion disaster?

My last fashion disaster?! Falling down flat on my face while holding a bottle of green nailpolish. It soaked my white top and I just had to throw it away


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