time to show off my summer legs

I know I probably said this last year but the best part of summer for me – apart from eating mass amount of ice lollies – is that I can show off my favourite part of my body aka my legs.

It’s really funny how hair removal never gets talked about that much in the UK as great weather is not a given but I do not think it is farfetched to say that 80% of looking good and feeling confident in the summer is not just about what we are wearing on our body (although that does helps) but how comfortable we feel in our own skins.

With the weather getting warmer, shirts getting lighter and shorts getting shorter – though not too short people, let us avoid last year’s bum-cheek scandal – I thought that it was about time that I got the summer leg prep out of the way as I don’t feel that summer has officially started until I’ve got a shellac manicure, booked a pedicure and used a hair removal cream to gently remove all the hair from legs.

In collaboration with Nair. Photography by Form 42




Even though I personally know that I look like a graceful gazette (who is 5 steps away from falling down a flight of stairs) I have decided to be quite brave today and wear something with a few inches.

Surprisingly enough I haven’t worn these fringe heels since I got them as I was a bit worried about how my toes would look in them and legs would look in them as I am not a fan of toes in particular BUT since I’ve vowed to be more confident this summer, I’ve decided to slip them on and voila!



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Missguided Mesh Skirt
Lipsy Black Waterfall Cardigan
Lauren Ralph Lauren Crawley Backpack Via My Bag*
H&M Black Shirt with Butterfly Sleeves


Personally I feel that certain fabrics just “feel” better when your skin feels silky, smooth and hydrated so it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a flowy, Grecian inspired dress or a city chic, black mini skirt ensemble like I am, you just feel a lot more confident because know you have sorted out the base for your summer wardrobe and the worst thing that could happen to you is that you fall down in front of a cute guy (which FYI I’m very good at doing)




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Now that I’m at the end of this post, I feel like I’ve done everything in reverse as I probably should have told you what I use to make my legs hair free – because that’s a HUGE part of getting your legs summer ready – Personally I don’t do pain. I go out of my way to avoid anything that could cause me an inkling of pain; which is probably why I’m a long-time fan of the Nair hair removal range as it is one of the few hair removal brands my skin doesn’t react to is a HUGE bonus.

Nair have just introduce a new Argan Oil product range which is a bit of a big thing in the hair-removal world and as this whole post has been about how the little things in my routine have made me feel more confident. I want you to tell me what makes you feel confident in the comments below or even tweet me! Just tag my Twitter Username (@Epiphanniea) and the hashtag #SkinByNair