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    What’s the most shocking/bizarre thing you’ve witnessed or overheard at a salon?!

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    • Ok so one time I was busy minding my own damn business getting hair dye or something from the hair shop.

      It just so happens that this particular hair shop had a hair salon like right at the back, you know them ones where you’re walking around the shop and one aunty keeps following you around like “pretty girl don’t you want to fix your hair…Read More

    • A marching band of huge cockroaches started walking up the wall.

  • My very first and most tormenting experience with a hairdresser was allowing her to install 4 different types of weaves on my 12-year-old head. She ran out of hair and I was excited to get my weave done so she used random leftover hair on my head. I literally had straight, wavy and curly hair and different shades of brown and red as 1 hairstyle!😭😭😭

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  • I had to wait with relaxer in my hair until my hairdresser went to beat up some girl outside the shop. Fortunately someone came to wash it out. lol

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  • I once overheard 2 strangers realise that they had the same baby dad and their children were the same age. Believe they even exchanged contact details ready to confront this man. I wish I could have been there for it *sips tea* lol

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