Why Does Everyone Suddenly Want 4C Hair?

I might be a bit late to the program as I only downloaded TikTok in October but since joining this social media app, I’ve noticed pretty quickly is that 4C hair seems to be a strong hashtag trending on Tik Tok at the moment.

Why? Because numerous videos of women and men with beautiful 4C textures have made way to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These influencers are preaching the highs, lows and special characteristics of this hair type so that Type 4 hair is now seen as an attractive and unique quality to have  . . . however there is also a lot of noise about people who do not have 4C hair using the hashtag to promote themselves.

And the question on everyone’s lips is WHY???

Why can’t people love their curl pattern the exact way it is? Are they truly confused about what hair type they have or just want to jump on the trend?

I’m someone who loves to have an open conversation so I really want to write down my thoughts exploring what is going on with Tik Tok right now, the background behind 4C hair and why it’s not really “cool” to identify with 4C hair just because it is a trend.

What Is 4C Hair?

4C hair features very tight, coiled strands with zig-zag patterns. The coils are not as defined as other hair strands, however, they are present but only noticeable when wet. Because of tightly coiled strand, it is thicker than other hair types and considered by some to be the least manageable.

Despite its coarse appearance, 4C hair actually needs more attention compared to other hair types. Due to the porosity for this hair type, it is actually the most fragile as it requires a different haircare routine to ensure that moisture is absorbed into the hair strands.

I’m not going go into how to build a proper hair care routine as that’s really not the point of this post. Instead, we need to talk about the rising need for people to claim they have 4C hair when they do not.


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I’m not trying to gatekeep the 4C community (especially when I have 4A/B hair) but I strongly believe that it is claim you have 4C hair when in fact you don’t.4C hair might be getting the attention right now, but this has not been the case.

For many years 4C Hair has a negative stigma attached with many people going as far as referring to 4C hair as “bad hair”, “ugly”, “unkept” etc.

Primarily, it was the hair type no one wanted.

Women with 4C hair are up thinking that there was something wrong with their hair – because of a lack of representation – and turned to chemically straightening their hair to feel acceptable.

My main issue with this trend is that sometimes that people who cannot relate to the struggle are getting all the attention (similar to what happened to the Natural Hair movement).

The hashtag is meant to celebrate 4C hair and offer tips to help care for 4C hair. If you do not have 4C hair, then why do you claim to?

It isn’t just a trend for many girls, because they have had to live with these stereotypes for years. Why not let them have and enjoy this?

Natural hair beautiful, whether you have loose curls like 3A-C or tight coils like 4 A-C.

Every hair type is beautiful. All you need to do is learn how to take care of your hair and it will flourish.

Stop claiming to have 4C hair if you genuinely don’t. Plus, if you’re confused about your hair type, carry out your research and you’ll be able to tell.

Written by Sadiqah K

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