Everything You Need To Know About The Dark and Lovely GroStrong Hair Food Range!

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I don’t think I even need to breakdown or introduce Dark and Lovely as it is such a OG childhood brand!

Dark & Lovely were the IT brand for most of the 90s and 00s as they provided ranges to suit all aspects of the black community’s hair care journey. Recently they have modernised their offerings to suit the radical changes to the afro hair care movement in recent years by expanding their range to include sulphate-free shampoos, hair oils, and black girl friendly hair colouring products but today we’re talking all about the Dark and Lovely GroStrong Hair Food range!

Enriched with special oils and vitamins to allow your hair to feel soft and, smooth with a healthy shine, the Gro Strong Hair Foods are a range of hairdress creams that are supposed to be like food for your hair – get it?!

All of the creams in this range have been formulated to give coils extra strength, by reinforcing our strands from the root. Within this range you can find the:-

  • Dark & Lovely Gro Strong Anti-Breakness Hair Food
  • Dark & Lovely Gro Strong Anti-Dryness Hair Food
  • Dark & Lovely Gro Strong Anti-Dandruff Hair Food

and all of them – as their names suggest – serve different and necessary purposes


Dark & Lovely GroStrong Anti-Dryness Hair Food

Dark And Lovely Anti Dryness Gro Strong Hair FoodBuy Now: £3.49

This hair food is enriched with rich Coconut oil to deeply condition and moisturise any dry areas of your scalp and hair, while preventing breakage. In terms of the feel of the cream, the melt-in (cream to oil) texture of the product allows it to easily absorb into the scalp without any residue.

This hair dress would be perfect for anyone thinking of getting braids or mums with fidgety kids as it makes the scalp moisturising process SO much easier.

The Dark & Lovely Anti-Dryness Hair Food has a really soft texture and due to it’s coconut oil formulation – it has a lovely, tropical, coconut scent!

Dark & Lovely GroStrong Anti-Dandruff Hair Food

Dark And Lovely Anti Dandruff Gro Strong Hair FoodBuy Now: £3.49

In terms of consistency, the Dark & Lovely GroStrong Anti-Dandruff Hair Food definitely stands out the most in this range, as it resembles an actual hair creme rather than a soft balm.

This Hair Food is specially formulated with peppermint extract: which is great for stimulating the scalp and a proven ingredient for combatting dandruff, soothing the scalp, relieving itchiness while fighting dandruff and flakes.

Personally I find that it’s unique, creamy texture makes it extremely easy to spread into the hair and it is absorbs into the scalp very quickly. It conditions and refreshes the scalp and hair without leaving any residue behind and I have to say that I love how fresh this GroStrong creme smells.

It has a fresh peppermint scent that just calms and centers me.


Dark & Lovely GroStrong Anti-Breakage Hair Food

Dark And Lovely Anti Breakage Gro Strong Hair FoodBuy Now: £3.49

If you are in the market for a seriously creamy hairdress, that has been enriched with nutritive oils and reparative vitamins to really strengthen and nourish hair from root to tip – then you need to grab a Dark & Lovely GroStrong Anti-Breakage Hair Food.

Dark and Lovely really didn’t come to play with this anti-breakage cream as they claim that it stops 94% of hair breakage . . .

It stops 94%of hair breakage?? REALLY? Well I will just see about that!

Personally, I know that this is going to stay in my hair regimen for a while just on that statistic alone but I cannot deny that this cream has a lovely smooth texture and melts right into the scalp in the form of an oil without weighing down my hair.

If I had to pick a favourite hairdress out of the Dark and Lovely GroStrong Hair Food range, it would have to be the Dark and Lovely GroStrong Anti-Dandruff cream. I feel like it soothed my scalp straight away and added a noticeable amount of moisture to my scalp and hair

Even though this is a review and I have been sharing my opinion, I would add a disclaimer because what works for me and my hair, may not work for someone else and with hair products – it also takes a while to see if they’re really working.

I would encourage you give the GroStrong hair food range a try as I have had a great experience trying all 3 creams.



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