The Easiest 4C Hair Care Routine You’ll Ever Find On The Internet

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I have 4C Afro hair and have been “Natural” over 10 years now. I have found that the learning process between chemically relaxing my hair and going natural is strenuous but not impossible.

As I have more or less mastered the trick to what I think is the easiest 4C haircare routine on the internet, I wanted to share a few tips on how I have made my process smoother.



Before my hair even enter the bathroom, I make sure to part my hair into large sections and put them into twists. A lot of people choose not to wash their hair this way but I find doing this will make combing through it later on way easier.

You will have days where your hair is as dry as a desert.

The easiest way to combat this is to grab a spray bottle, mix 2 parts of castor oil to 3 parts of water and then spray the solution into your hair and detangle each section. Personally – read that carefully – PERSONALLY, I think buying a detangler is a waste of money; it is literally oil and water, but if you prefer to use one then that is fine.

Next, grab yourself a detangling brush.

Detangling brushes are worth the money as your hair will shed less when you are combing it through.


Once I have detangled my hair, I apply a hair mask. Now people tend to do this post shampoo/conditioner but I find that applying a treatment mask softens my hair. I use the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthening Treatment Masque, but if your hair is feeling pretty dry, I suggest you use either the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque or the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Hair Masque.

Saturate your hair in the treatment mask and make sure you keep your hair in sections. Leave this on your hair if you can for a few hours so it can really penetrate the hair cuticles.


Once you are ready to wash it out, what I do next is called a Pre-Poo. I apply shampoo to my hair before I get into the shower. The reason I do this is so I can really get into my scalp easily as it still has the mask in it. Keeping the twists I put the shampoo in and re twist

Once I get into the shower my hair is soft enough to manage. Usually I use the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo and depending on how dirty my hair is – I will do a 2nd shampoo.

I know I have said this a few times but it is important that you keep the twists in your hair after you take them out to rinse.


This will keep your hair stretched as once it has any water applied to the hair it will naturally detract. As long as you keep using  your detangling brush whilst detangling  in the shower – the entire shampooing process is pretty easy.

Once I finish shampooing and left the shower, I then grab my KeraCare Leave in Conditioner keeps the moisture in your hair since we have just removed your hair’s natural oils in shampoo process.  If you are transitioning. it is so important to keep the moisture levels as high as possible as your hair is essentially THIRSTY.

Apply the leave in to the sections of your hair. I use the ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakaging Rejuvenating Spray before I blow Dry.

A lot goes a long way with this oil.




I swear by the REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler as it is the best hair invention for black hair EVER.

This brush blow-dryer not only shortens your drying time but combs your hair straight enough to braid or cornrow right after.


After Care

Depending on how dry your hair is – especially as your home – I would leave your hair breathe.

Satin headscarf will help you retain your hair’s moisture and you just need to oil your scalp every two days.

Despite what you might have heard on Youtube or Instagram, you don’t have to buy anything expensive to maintain 4C Afro hair. Small amounts of coconut or raw Shea butter honestly does the trick.

The transition from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair is a long journey but once you have the confidence on how to deal with your hair, TRUST ME it will be so much better for you.



Written by Eloise

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