Finally! A Detangling Brush For Sensitive Scalps

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I cannot say that the Manta Hair Detangling Brush is something that I usually impulse buy at 1am in the morning . . . because it isn’t. I also cannot say that I “discovered” the Manta Detangling Brush through extensive late night research . . . because that would also be a blatant lie.

I actually saw this tool on Adeola Gboyega (aka Pat McGrath’s UK Education/Artistry Manager) instagram feed in early May and I wanted to try it out on my hair but more specifically on my sister’s hair since I have been relegated to the role of resident hairdresser for my household during the lockdown period.

Despite having relaxed hair, my sister suffers from an extremely sensitive scalp which make cornrowing or doing knotless braids on her hair, an absolute nightmare as I constantly feel like I am torturing her.

The Manta dentangling bursh was created by Tim Binnington; a professional hairdresser with over 25 years experience, as a tool for wife who after a bout of cancer had lost her hair. As it grew back, she wanted to treat it as gently as possible to minimize breakage but couldn’t find anything on the market that was fit for the job. In true entrepreneur fashion, Tim combining his years of hands on experience to develop a detangling brush that could reinvent the way we treat dentangling hair on even the most sensitive scalps.

Using the Manta Hair Detangling Brush – £25.00 via Oxygen Boutique – is actually easier than I initially thought it would be. You have to place the brush handle in between your fingers – imagine a pair of Havianas Flip Flops lodged in-between your fingers and you get the idea – then bend/flex the Manta brush in your hand to break it in.

I did this a few times to get rid of any stiffness as I read on the website that the more you do this, the more flexible the Manta brush becomes.


Manta Hair Detangling Brush in Black

BUY NOW: £25.00 via Amazon


The Manta brush base features silicone bristles that complete a 360 degrees motion to gently free knots & minimize breakage, it actually feels more like someone was gently finger detangling my hair vs. using a standard detangling brush.

Although my sister did baulk at the price when I told her that I was buying this tool – she has already borrowed it from me more than once  . . . so I might just have to buy another Manta Hair Detangling Brush if I cannot get back.




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