Why You Need To Ditch Your Hair Towel (And Use This Instead)

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If you step out of the shower after shampooing your hair and reaching for your regular towel to dry your hair . . . JUST STOP!

Coily and curly hair is so precious, you need to literally wrap it in silk or satin to just sleep – so why are you twisting, rubbing and blotting your carefully maintained coils with a standard towel when it is at it’s most vulnerable state?


Now we know that hair towels are undoubtedly a must-have for everyone but it really isn’t advisable to use the same towel for your body and hair but did you know that using a regular towel to dry your hair after a washing session can lead to:

  • Tugging at your hair strands
  • Tangling and breakage of your hair
  • Stripping your hair of essentials oils
  • Frizz
  • Split ends and Fairy Knots


Microfibre towels are made of a fibre material which measure one denier or less than standards towels, making them a gentle alternative but we are going to break down 3 reasons why you need to make the switch . . .


They Prevents Excessive Dryness

Easily one of the many issues with using a regular bath towel, it can strip your hair of moisture excessively. Usually, shampoos strip the hair of moisture, however, drying with a bath towel makes it worse.

Microfiber towels will dry your natural hair faster without stripping it of moisture along the way.


It Is More Gentle On Hair Strands

The more texture and curls you have, the more fragile your hair is likely to be. Thus, being gentle with your hair care regimen is very crucial to the health and growth of your hair. Since microfiber towels are made with a smoother and softer material, there is less friction which makes it perfect for your curls.

With microfiber towels, you don’t have to worry about tangles, snags, and breakage.


It Reduces Frizz

Another benefit of using microfiber towels is that it reduces frizz. Unlike regular bath towels that are a bit coarse, microfiber towels are soft and smooth. Thus, making it gentle on your curl pattern, which means a smooth hair cuticle.

In the quest for healthy hair, the fabric you use on your hair are equally as important as the products. Thus, it is crucial to only invest in the best fabrics




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