Is The Papachichi Pink Hot Comb Styler Actually Better Than The WAHL Hot Comb?

The Pink Hotcomb has already sold out three times so you need to know the TEA!

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If you don’t know what a hot comb is, then sit down, we need to have a little history lesson.

A Hot Comb (also known as a straightening comb) is a metal comb that is used to straighten curly or coarse hair to create a smoother/straighter hair texture. The hot comb original developed in France as a way for women with coarse, curly hair to achieve a fine straight look however it was Annie Malone who first patented this tool and then her apprentice; Madam CJ Walker, who took the design one step further and widened the teeth of the comb.

Moving forward to the present day, Hot Combs are now considered a necessity when it comes to laying your wig frontal or wig closure as flat as possible – rather than for straightening hair (although you can use it this way – I’m not judging).


If you don’t have a hot comb in your hair electricals collection – and you wear human hair wigs . . . then you run the risk of having a cone-shaped wig!


In the UK, the WAHL Hot Comb Styler has predominately been the Hot Comb of choice simply because it is the electrical tool commonly sold online and in local afro-beauty hair shops. Despite it being an older piece of technology that hasn’t been improved on in like the last 10 years (this might or might not be an exaggeration), the WAHL styler pretty much has the monopoly on the hot comb UK market.

So was it any surprise that when Mary from Papachichi Style launched her interpretation of the iconic Hot Comb – the Papachichi Style P230 Pro Styler Pink Hot Comb – that everyone was interested?

Now I don’t want to just recommend a product just because it is new on the scene so I’ve pulled out my ever trustworthy WAHL Hot Comb so that we can compare the two hot combs and see if the Pink Hot Comb is a worthy

BUY NOW: £31.99, Axellia London

If we were judging this comparison on temperature settings alone, the Papachichi Pink Hot Comb beats the WAHL Hot Comb without even trying.

The WAHL hot comb heats up to 200 degrees while the Pink Hot Comb has an adjustable temperature control and goes up to 230 degrees. The easy-to-navigate, adjustable heat settings are simple to read at any angle and are definitely a much need addition as most people use this tool to straight the roots of their hair or wigs and it is so easy to burn your forehead if you are not being extremely careful.

When it comes to the design itself, even though the Papachichi Style P230 Pro Styler has a slightly flatter comb head, I would have to say that the WAHL Hot Comb beats the Papachichi Hot Comb for one reason – The Pink Hot Comb sheds.

When my Papachichi Hot Comb started shedding its titanium-pink coating, I wasn’t sure if I had misused the comb in some way or maybe I just had a bad batch but I think we can agree that nobody is signing up to pick little pink flecks of paint out of their wig before we head out.

As I don’t know if this minor paint flecking issue is an isolated event or common product flaw, I do feel I should point out that it is a minor defect and does not take away from the effectiveness of this product

If you can manage to get your hands on this via the Papachichi Style website or Axellia London, you need to TREASURE this pink hot comb as it is pretty iconic .


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